When Seireitou Hyuga becomes Otokage of Otogakure, he develops a ninja academy where the graduates are given specialized curse marks from Seireitou.

Like Orochimaru's marks, once the cursed seal is applied, the applicant stands a 10% chance of survival and they lose consciousness as their body accepts or rejects the seal. Should they survive, receivers of the cursed seal are given access to the seal's first level. When activated the seal's unique pattern spreads across their body from the point of application; the more body coverage there is, the more the user is drawing upon the seal's effects. The seal forcibly draws chakra from the user's body and grants them with increased physical abilities and chakra , though consequently leaves them exhausted once the seal is deactivated. Their mind slowly corrodes while the seal is active, opening them to Seireitou influence and simultaneously advancing the seal to its second state. Advancement to the second level of the cursed seal mark is a long process, so long in fact that Seireitou developed a special drug to speed up the process. Once the second level is achieved, the user can enter the state by fully covering their body with the cursed seal. This is followed by an unnatural alteration of the user's body, with the only common features being kyuubi eyes.

In the first state, the user's body is meerly covered in kyuubi chakra. In the second state, they develop a kyuubi cloak and the long it is used, the more tails they have in the second state.

People who have this Curse Mark

Haizo Hyuga

When Haizo Hyuga begins his training under Seireitou, he is given a curse mark.

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