Name: Seishou Butoukai (Energy Ball) in English

Type: S-rank,Offensive, Short range (0-5m)

Kisho when he was getting overtaken by Iwoa and was realeasing the attack

User: Kisho Yasuo, Naruto

An original skill made by Kisho when he was releasing chakra in the air to make a more effective Chidori in which was mixing in the air with a Wind Rasengan created by Naruto when they were about to clash but when the two Justus clashed it made a sparkling greenish jet of lightning in Naruto's and Kisho's hands making them have the same technique and can only be used if you are releasing chakra in the air while creating a lightning attack and someone else is doing the same except creating an energy attack and making it clash to form the attack. It is confirmed Kisho can now do this skill without support and can do it by mixing his chakra around. It's less effective but delivers fatal damage.

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