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Indo meets Semoiya

Indo sat down at Ichiraku's ramen shop, "Now what? Only a month to train for the Chunin Exam Semifinals? Guy can't teach me anything other than Taijutsu, and I need someone who knows my abilities to train me. I wish Kakashi can train me, but he has his own team to train." A man sat down beside him, "I'll have a bowl." Indo looked up at him, his headband shined brilliantly. He was a tall figure. Ichiraku sat down the bowl, "Order up." The man took the bowl. When he bowed his head to eat it, his headband revealed the Sound village symbol. Indo sighed, "So you're here with Dosu Kinutu for the Chunin Exams?" The man put down his bowl, "Chunin Exams? I don't know what you're talking about, friend." Indo stood up, "Then is there a reason you're in the Hidden Leaf Village?" The man continued to eat, "No, just came to visit." Indo couldn't help to blurt out, "Are you with Orochimaru?" The man chuckled, "Oh please, I'm not with that old snake skin." Indo sat down, "You're not?" The man continued, "No, I left the Sound Village because of him....and you're getting worked up, aren't you a Sound ninja?" Indo took off his headband, “Well… I was raised in the Hidden Leaf Village, but my origin is from the Sound Village." The man stared at him, then spoke, "I'm looking for a friend of mine. Perhaps you know him." Indo stood up, "Yah, sure. I know a lot of people around here." The man asked Ichiraku for a to-go box, and spoke to Indo, "His name is....Indo Huiyo." Indo gasped, "Wha-? I...I don't know you." The man started to walk towards Indo, "Indo...I." Indo ran off, "Staulker!" The man ran after him, "Wait! I was the one who left you at the Hidden Leaf Village!" Indo stopped and looked back, "What? You..." The man started to walk towards him, "Yes, Indo." Suddenly, Indo burst out yelling, his eyes full of tears, "Why did you leave!?! You left me to care for myself!" The man interrupted, "I had to protect you. From them." Indo wiped his eyes, "Huh?" The man put his hand on Indo's elbow, "I'll tell you at the forest, let's go. Oh, I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced. My name is Semoiya Secoiya of the Secoiya Clan." Indo chuckled, then realized what he did, "Sorry." Semoiya stood his head up, "Oh no, don't apoligize. That's what everyone says."

At the forest

Semoiya took him to the leaf forest. Semoiya began, "As you see, that scar of yours releases a dark energy, not human." Indo rolled up his sleeve, "Yes, I see." Semoiya continued, "And you may have discovered that you posess chakra and power not of the human nature." Indo shook his head, "Yes, I do realize I have a demon in me. The scar is the seal." "Who told you that?", Semoiya said. "The Third Hokage.", Indo replied. Semoiya closed his eyes, "He's half right. I'm afraid that's not the case. You see..." Semoiya began to tell Indo a story.

The Story

14 years ago, Semoiya Secoiya was on a computer in a dark cave. He saw men everywhere, talking, working. The Slabia of Darkness was in a large jar, asleep. Aleos Kakarak was with several others talking. Semoiya walked up to it, "So this is the demon of darkness. No longer, will you kill and torture. Why? Why must you exist?" Semoiya walked back to his computer. Then saw that the heart pulse was zero. He yelled, "Mr. Kakarak!" Kakarak walked over, "Yes?" Semoiya pointed at the pulse, "Look, it's pulse is at zero." Kakarak replied. "No matter. Lord Orochimaru wants it's chakra, nothing else. Dead or alive." Semoiya stopped him, "Wait! We're handing the demon of darkness to that snake?" Kakarak walked off, "He pays with a pretty penny, 1 billion ryo." Semoiya walked off, "I have to free it." Suddenly, the heart pulse came back on line. A few minutes later, Kakarak yelled, "Begin the process." Electricity started pulsing into the demon's body, taking it's chakra. The demon opened it's eyes and looked at Kakarak. Suddenly, Kakarak was in a negative realm. He saw the Slabia move in, "Welcome to the Tsukyomi." Back in reality, Kakarak fell over, fainted. The Slabia roared, and the glass shattered! Semoiya stood there, "Oh my..." Rogue Ninjas ran up, and the Slabia shot a blast of chakra at them, and they went flying. Semoiya jumped onto the staircase above the demon's head.

Back at the forest

Semoiya continued, "In it's destroyed the lab, and the cave collapsed. Kakarak and a few others survived, including myself. I...saw so many people die. It was a vicious, mindless, monster. At a last moment, I used a technique made by our clan's most famous member, Segoiya Secoiya." Indo said, "And this beast? Is it sealed in me?" Semoiya responded, "Well, I used a technique that makes it into a human form, forcing it to restart life." Indo got the picture and said, "So...I'm the beast?" Semoiya said, "Well, I wouldn't say...", Semoiya stopped and saw Indo dissapointed. Semoiya continued, "I'm sorry, I know how difficult this is for you." Indo interrupted, "Who were them?" Semoiya replied, "The RNF." Indo gasped, "The Rogue Ninja Federation?" Semoiya stared at him, "You know them?!?" Indo remembered it, "Yah, they hired an assassin known as the silent killer to kidnap me, but they failed." Semoiya looked at him with worried eyes, "What do they know?" Indo replied, "They know I have the Sharingan, and an insane bezeker mode." Semoiya grabbed him by his sleeves, "You already have access to that justu?!? When did you use it?" Indo responded, "When I was had to fight off a jerk, when I was captured, and when I had a Chunin Exams match between Gensho Ryoduin." Semoiya released Indo from his grip, "The RNF, did they have a large man see you?" Indo said, "Yes...why?" Semoiya gasped, "That man was Aleos Kakarak!" Indo gasped. Semoiya stayed calm, "I will just have to teach you what I know."


Semoiya yelled, "Alright, story time is over!" Indo looked around to see a hot spring, "Here?" Semoiya grinned, "Yes. Here is where I will teach you to control the Shadow Destroyer Form." Indo looked confused, "Shadow Destroyer? What's that?" Semoiya continued, "The bezeker form that you were just talking about." Indo got worried, "Wait. When I go into that form, I can't think, plus, it's really painful." Semoiya touched his head, his hand appeared to be on fire. Indo looked confused, "What's that?" Semoiya replied, "It's a seal I developed that allows no pain to trigger the nerves. I made another that is the opposite." Indo returned, "But then would you use this all the time?" Semoiya chuckled, "No, actually. It alters you a little is you use it too much or too long. I can use this on you because the form prevents any seal to work on it. However, you are working on transforming into it without pain." Indo took his shirt off and jumped into the water, "Okay. Now what?" Semoiya stood firm, "Activate your chakra and allow it to come out." Indo put 2 fingers together. Nothing happened. Indo looked back at Semoiya, "Hey, it's not working." Semoiya looked dissapointed, "Oh, well." Indo quickly responded, "But I think I know how. When I used it those times, I was enraged." Semoiya thought, "Here." He jumped into the water, "Now bear with me for a second." Semoiya slapped Indo right across the face. Indo looked back at him and was hit again. Semoiya said as he launched another slap, "Come on, idiot." Suddenly Indo grabbed his fist and Semoiya felt claws rip into his flesh. Semoiya let out a yell and was blown back by an electric pulse. Semoiya looked at him in the water. His eyes were burning with Sharingan. Semoiya quickly yelled, "Control, Indo, Control!"


Semoiya yelled, "Indo, control." Indo slowly reverted back to human form. Indo grabbed his head and groaned, " head". He looked at his fingers and toes and grinned, "It worked!" Semoiya, grinned himself. A month went by, Indo gotten stronger and learned more jutsus. Indo looked at Semoiya, "The Semifinals are today, will you come?" Semoiya looked back, "...Yes. Sure. I want to see how you fare againist someone from the Aburame Clan." Indo walked off to the stadium to participate in the Chunin Exams.

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