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"Sinner who harmed Seireitou-sama. You will learn why these flames carry the name of Hell."
— Sendan


Full Name and Kanji Sendan せんだん
Official Title Kitsukami of Seireitou
Age 120
Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 110 pounds
Gender Female
Race Kitsukami

Sendan is the Kitsukami of Seireitou "Hyuga" Kawahira and the younger sister of Hake. The contract item she was given is a diamond ring that Seireitou gave to her that used to belong to his mother.


Sendan is first introduced along with her brother, Hake as the two Kitsukami who serve Seireitou. It was later shown that during Seireitou's life amongst the Konoha villagers, both Sendan and Hake served as Seireitou's Guardian angels, watching out for him should he find himself in a probmatic situation.


She seems strict and demanding, but appears so because she seems to have the wellbeing of her contractor and master at heart at all times. Only perfect service is good enough for "Seireitou-sama".



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