• Name: Hermit's Art: Boiling Oil (仙芸・煮油, Hermit Art: Boiling Oil)
  • Type: Unknown, Offensive, Long Range (0m~10m+)
  • Users: Jiraiya, Mori Ketsueki

Using this jutsu Jiraiya can spit out a large quantity of oil from his mouth that with the two Toad Sennin can be used to fuel Fire attacks. This is a Hermit Mode attack skill used with Fukasaku, "Pa" Toad and his wife Ma. It was Ma's suggestion to "fry" something up for dinner, her providing the flames, Jiraiya the oil, and Pa, fanning it. So while Ma breathed a Fire Release technique, Pa breathed a steady stream Wind Release, and Jiraiya spat Toad Oil.

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