• Name: Hermit's Art: Elemental Manipulation
  • Type: Elemental Manipulation
  • User: Naruto Uzamaki
  • Class: Offensive, Defensive,
  • Rank: S-rank (Kinjutsu to all non-sages)
  • Range: All ranges

A sage manipulates the natural elemental chakra around them and crystalizes it into a small orb, then they repeat it with all other elements. The orbs are sealed into the body two on each arm while the user's main element chakra is sealed in the middle of their chest. They appear as a kanji in a circle and when activated they glow. The user would then be able to control all elememts around them, including advance types like ice, wood, lava. While active the orbs chakra are used instead of the users. The orbs also absorb chakra elemental chakra around the user. The user can have the orbs active aslong as their body can handle it.

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