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  • Name: Sennami (千波, lit. One Thousand Waves)
  • Type: Unknown, Short range (0-5m)
  • User: Seireitou Kawahiru

This technique, designed by Seireitou Kawahiru, combines two concepts that he addresses as "Spacial Regression Conflict" and "Chakra Torrental Manipulation". In a similar manner to Space/Time Manipulation used by Madara Uchiha, Seireitou states that the technique forces the dimenional chakra that makes up the Existant Realm (ie. Earth, Heaven), and causes it's existance to conflict with the Chakra that makes up Heaven. Though a confusing theory, Seireitou explains that all of the entire Omniverse; Heaven, Hell and Mortal Realms all make up one existance. Though being seperate dimensions, were all originally one existance, and still are. This means that the particles that make up the Omniverse still exist in one space. However, these particles do not ever meet, as they exist on seperate planes, but are all in one Existance. Seireitou relates this to saying it is similar to having many dishes filled with many foods on the same table. They all are different foods, with their own plates, but are all in the same area, that one table.

This technique causes a manipulation in the Energy Space, causing Heaven's Energy and the Mortal Realm's Energy to meet, causing them to pull towards eachother, and also push away. Thus, in this concept, has created a Spacehole. However, once one is able to create this disturbance, the energies are focused around one's hand that causes one to force the energy to crash into eachother. This creates a stable torrent, as the energy can neither force open a portal in the space, nor rejoin and become two seperate planes once more. This causes the energies around the manipulator's hand to start emitting a powerful white, slightly blue, spiritual energy to start forming visibly, as it gives off a sound that is similar to waves crashing against the shore. The appearance is that of crackling lightning, that gathers around one's hand, and possibly extending to the arm. This chakra makes the user's hand an invincible weapon, that is able to pierce through anything. One concern with the technique is that due to it's unnatual manipulation of the spiritual power's charge conversion, it can literally cause similar effects during use.

Usage of this technique is considered possible only by those who possess a knack for Space/Time Manipulation, and are able to convert Chakra freely once under command by the user. However, it has been shown that usage of this does not exactly require control of Space/Time. Using almost unnatural levels of speed and focus, one may create what is called a "Physical Activation". By focusing those amounts of chakra in one's hand, the user may start running at high speeds, in order to jumpstart the focus of stablizing the fluctuational energies, and ultimately causing the rebelious energies to move "as one" along with the intense speeds of it's user. So far, only Seireitou has shown usage of this technique.

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