This is is a fist technique involving usage of highly concentrated mass of electric chakra and surrounding it with a constant flow of chakra. The second step is to give the surrounding boundary a spin, resulting in a jet of small chakra beams going to the back of the palm, fed by the boundary chakra, which needs to be constantly fed with more chakra in order to keep the inner shin '(core) from going out of hands and blowing up into thin air. Finally, the result is a very concentrated and balanced fist attack which is capable of breaking large rocks ( leading to the name yama no burēka meaning mountain breaker.) To attack, the user needs to release the boundary chakra wall at moment of impact, thus releasing a highly concentrated attack. When not attacking, the user can handle abjects (kunai and such) or do hand signs, thanks to the safety of the perfect boundary wall. The jutsu creates a watery sound affect such of the Flapping Chidori. At the moment of impact it creates a sound as a gust of wind, following with a screech.

Public Warning : People trying this technique must have certain reasons to, as the misusing of such a dangerous A Rank level technique is certainly illegal in Konoha. It is free to use outside. Also, it needs to be used carefully, as the user has a very high amount of power in his hands. It is also not to be underestimated, as a Shūchū Kirā on the ground has been shown to create a pit a meter deep with a radius of 3 meters. Very dangerous.

Related Quotes :

"It's like you have the sun in your hands, but one that can darken anything." - Ayush Bahuguna ( Creator )

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