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The Shadow Empire, (神聖ブリタニア帝国, Kage Teikoku) is the world's dominant military superpower and one of the 3 large Empire-unions that control the earth initially in Naruto Omega Beta, the others being the Sun Universe, and the Soviet Federation.


The Shadow Empire is an Imperial Monarchy in which Sasuke Aizen holds almost all the power. While its policy varies depend on the reigning emperor, its succession is based on Social Darwinism, rather than divine mandate as their name would suggest. As such, numerous bloodshed and in fighting occurs.


  • Grand Duke (大公爵)
  • Duke (公爵)
  • Marquess (侯爵)
  • Margrave (辺境伯)
  • Earl (伯爵)
  • Viscount (子爵)
  • Baron (男爵)
  • Knight(騎士), non-hereditary.
  • Knight of Honor (武勲侯), non-hereditary

Major Cities


Sometimes called Mission City, it is a major city of commerce in the Shadow Empire. It is also the home town of Kouhei Hyuga and Senna Kurosaki.


Shikine Island

Shikine Island (Shikinejima) is the site of a Shadow Empire military facility, which hosts the airstrip used by Prince Schneizel's Avalon upon its initial arrival in Area 11. This was originally the site of a meeting between Princess Azula and a V.I.P. (who is later revealed to be Schneizel), however this was interrupted due to an attack by the Yasugarita Knights. The commander of the facility is Lieutenant Colonel Fayer (ファイエル中佐).


The Shadow Empire takes up the entire Lost Lands and almost the entire 5 Great Nations, except for the Land of Water and Nagi Island. They also possess the eastern and northern part of the Feudal Lands and all of the Warning Lands.

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