Shadow Gravity Formation

The Shadow Gravity Formation is an S-ranked secret clan technique only used by Shikaki Nara. Although it has the potential to cause lethal harm to the opponent, it is flawed in the fact that it takes time to prepare, alongside a considerable chakra cost. As so, Shikaki only uses it in situations where he cannot take any chances in letting his opponent escape or survive.

Prerequisites of use

In order to prepare the Shadow Gravity Formation, Shikaki must form a polygon with his shadow. The quickest method is to create a triangle, though shapes with greater number of sides are possible. He must also determine the height of the jutsu, which can be done through the use of Shadow Sewing to create pillars of a certain height. Material items such as wire can also be used for this.

Once the above have been completed, the user forms a Tiger hand seal and channels chakra into the shadow perimeter. The effect begins instantaneously, crushing the victim in the center of the formation with shadow. The duration is theoretically limitless, though it requires constant channeling of chakra to remain active.

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