Shakaku Moetatsu (lit. Angel of Fire, Blaze Up) is the Representative of Konohagakure in The Guard, as well as its leader.

Shakaku Moetatsu


Shakaku is a tall young man with neat brown hair and black eyes. He wears a white t-shirt with black pants, which is quite different than most shinobi. Over his regular shirt, he wears a black jacket that has multiple buckles and button. The shoulders are plated with what he calls "Dragon Skin". He normally wears a Red hooded cloak over his normal outfit, as well as carrying a staff most of the time. As all members, Shakaku has a mark on his body representing his status. His mark is shaped like a set of wings that are set a blaze. The mark is on his back, towards his shoulder.


Shakaku is a carring man who is a stand-up shinobi. He has a strong belief in the "Will of Fire" taught to him by the Third Hokage, when he was still alive. Shakaku gives everybody equal terms and will never talk down on others. He is the ideal leader and has a cherished past. He has a deep love for his Younger sister, and carries a picture of her in his jakcet.


Katekyo 3

The Sensation of Chakra surronding his Staff

Master Tactician- As leader of the Guard, he is a skilled Tactican and a master battle strategist. He is very stern and loving tpo his subordinates, looking out mainly for them. He is quite smart and can create multiple strategies in a few short seconds. He has on several occasions riskeed his life for his allies, taking hits for them that would endanger his own life.

Enhanced Speed- He is quite fast and has moved at speeds thought impossible. It is probably the aid of molding his chakra into his legs, to enhance performance.

Staff Expert- His main skill is fighting with his Three Sectioned Staff. It is shaped somewhat life a Pool stick, and can break apart into three sections. He can lengthen it at will and can bend his own chakra through it.

Fire Release- His Primary, element and best which gives him a destructive ability. Along with his Wind Element chakra, he can bend the fires to his will and set a flame areas in large quantity. His skills have scared those, only to see his fire warms the heart instead of burning the skin. (Yes this is pretty sappy).

Wind Release- His secondary Element, which he uses to "Fan" his flames. He likes the Wind Release as its skills are made up of thin slicing and quick movements.


  • His picture is based off of Gamma from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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