Highest Rank Unknown
Occupation Ronin
Age Unknown
Height 191.78 cm (6'3)
Weight 81.64 kg (180 lbs)
Gender Male
Race Human
Land of Origin Unknown
Nature Affinity Unknown
Affiliation Shichidaken
Family Unknown
Titles The Black Scourge
Teachers Unknown

The Shichidaken leader is the head-Taiyō of Shichidaken, making him the organization's absolute leader. Little is known about him or his history, save for the fact that he himself claimed that he was once a commander of the greatest military of his time, suggesting he came from the Land of Iron or the Land of Storms. The Shichidaken leader has been said to have singlehandedly slain over 10,000 samurai, earning him the most feared reputation among the ronin, and the moniker of the Black Scourge. The Shichidaken leader possesses Shogun-level abilities, and is universally regarded as the most powerful S-Class ronin alive.

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