Naruto character

Shikatora Nara (奈良シカ虎, Nara Shikatora)
Age 21
Blood type A
Gender Male
Current Location Konohagakure
Village of Origin Konoha
Rank Special Jonin
Name meaning Shika=Deer, tora=Drunkard, Nara (Prefecture)
Team Ino-Shika-Cho
  • Mother: Tsume Nara
  • Father: Shikadoku Nara
  • Sister: Hitsuji Nara


Shikatora is a tall boy, who's got black hair, dark blue eyes, and appears to be very lazy. He wears a Chunin flak jacket, has his headband around his neck, and always carries a giant shuriken, he uses in one of his jutsus.


Shikatora grew up with his older sister taking care of him, because his both parents were murdered in an attack on Konoha a long time ago. She taught him to be nice to girls, give them attention, which he didn't much care about.

Academy Time - Now

During the academy, he slept through every class, and didn't even write his name on the tests. He barely passed the Genin Exam, and was taught the Shadow Imitation Jutsu by his sister. When he participated in the Chunin Exams, he was the one to create all the plans, which made him a Chunin that year. When he got promoted, his sister taught him the Shadow Neck Bind Jutsu. He earned himself up to a Special Jonin, but thought of taking another exams as a drag, and never became a Jonin.


  • Mission List
    • D - 24
    • C - 20
    • B - 10
    • A - 6
    • S - 0


1. Shadow Imitation Technique

2. Shadow Imitation Kunai Technique

3. True Shadow Clone Jutsu

4. Shadow Disappear Jutsu

5. Shadow Neck Bind Technique

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