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Shindou no Ken (Translated as "Blade of Vibration") is one of the Cursed Blades. It has a long medieval blade with four holes along it. It's guard has two short wing like blades on it's sides that allows the wielder glide. It has a kunai-like hilt with a gun trigger connected to the guard that can make the blade vibrate when pressed and another gun trigger in the circle on the end of the hilt that also makes in vibrate and turn the hilt into a long whip with the blade at the end. In it's long-range mode it turns into an arm cannon that can launch spheres of white energy that can dissipate when it reaches the target and send vibrations coursing through the target. In buster mode it turns into a giant red dragon that can roar, creating earthquakes, tsunamis, and tidal waves.

Shindou no Ken in buster mode


There as been three wielders so far but only one has been known

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