Kanji 死に至る病
Rōmaji Shiniitarubyou
Literal English Deadly Disease
Viz manga Deadly Plague
English TV Sickened unto Death
Classification Secret Technique, Interrogation Technique
Rank A-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range

Gathering her chakra at her palm, Hotaru will grab onto her target. Where she touched will become infected and the skin around where she touched will go numb and turn an eerie purple. Those infected will enter a trance, in which Hotaru's will can easily cause one to be warped into what she wishes. An example would be asking the infected questions, which they will unknowingly reveal to her. If not treated quickly, the technique will more or likely kill her target. On one occasion, the amputation of an infected spot could null the jutsu's effect and a skilled enough medical ninja could build and immunity to it.

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