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Fanon character

Appearance Short orange hair, violet eyes.
Age  ?? (deceased)
Height  ??
Weight  ??
Blood type B
Gender Male
Highest Rank Jonin
Chakra Nature Lightning


Nothing is known about Shinji, aside from him being the older brother to Tora Urami.


Shinji cares about nothing besides his wife and two kids, and sake. He teases and scolds his younger brother often. He has low regard for the clan, and is mostly responsible for its financial problems.

Part 1

Destruction of Konoha

When Shinji sees Sachi kill both Mitsuki Urami and Tora Urami, he leaves to warn Asuza. As Sachi is leaving the home, she is ambushed in the forest by both of them. They have a more serious fight, both Asuza and Shinji. But ultimately Sachi has the upper hand, and kills Shinji by transforming her hand into the demon form and smashing it through his chest.


Shinji is skilled at taijutsu and ninjutsu, and has all of the clan abilities.

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