Shinkitsuki (lit; New Moon) is a crminal organization and successor of Akatsuki. It is a Group of ten dangerous Shinobi, each wearing a special ring and having a color assined to their name. The members are;

- Kuroi no Yurui (lit; Black Yurui), Sphere Ring, also the black king in Shogi, previously worn by Tobi and Sasori.

- Akai no Karin (lit; Red Karin), Vermillion ring, previously wore by Itachi Uchiha.

- Haiiro no Furui (lit; Grey Furui), Sign of the Boar ring, previously wore by Zetsu.

- Aoi no Deidara (lit; Blue Deidara), Blue Ring.

The other members of the organization are unknown. However, they may be members of Akatsuki, as Deidara was revived by the leader of the organization. The Jutsu used for the resurrection is unknown.


Shinkitsuki's goals remain unclear, however, Yurui stated that his objectives "will make everyone happy". It is unclear if he talks about the members of Shinkitsuki only, or if he speaks about every people in the Ninja world.


The members of the organization are extremely powerful ninjas. All are Nukenins, except Yurui, which stated that he ruled this organization, but that the people of his village didn't know about it. Every known members of Shinkitsuki come from other villages than Konohagakure (Deidara comes from Iwagakure, Karin originates from Kusagakure, Furui comes from Kumogakure, and Yurui stated he never saw Konohagakure of his life).


  • Shinkitsuki means "new moon".

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