Going to War

Ryun was recovering from his fight with Seireitou and was fully recovered. His friends were also feeling great. Itachi was soon stepping down as Yamakage, but that was before they recieved a message from ninja from the Land of Dragons, who were almost beaten to death. "We.. we have a message for the Yamakage of this region!" said the ninja. "Im in charge here, whats the problem?" asked Itachi as he just ran down. "Its... its Chikagakure!..... they attacked us for possession of the Ingeitum Clan's ninja!.... and their coming here next!!" said the ninja as he passed out. "what!.. get the ANBU's to track Chikagakure's movements, and someone get me Ryun!" yelled Itachi as he ran to the Yamakage Tower. A ninja arrived to tell Ryun the whole story and brought him to Itachi. "Itachi, whats going on, why are they attacking now of all times!" said Ryun. "Depending on what that ninja said, they now have control over the Land of Dragons, along with the Ingeitum Clan, and now that they have that power, they are planning to try and take us down." said Itachi. "...Jake!.... Well we've won in the past, so whats the problem now!" asked Ryun. "They now have powerful ninja at their disposal, and we..." ryun stopped Itachi right there and said "Well we have powerful ninja... and we have Otogakure on our side!". ".... thats right, why didnt i think about that... Otogakure and Seireitou!" said Itachi as he called 3 ANBUS to his office. "I want you to go to Otogakure and speak with the Otokage, Seireitou Hyuga, and tell him what went down!" said Itachi. "Yes Sir!" said the ANBUs left to Otogakure.

Otogakure's Help

The ANBUs arrived in Otogakure and spoke with Seireitou and told him the whole story. He agrees to help and warns all of Otogakure that they will be going to War with Chikagakure along with their allies, Yamagakure. Seireitou goes along with the ANBUs back to Yamagakure while Otogakure prepares for battle. "So, your gonna throw down with Chika, huh?" said Seireitou. "Yes, they already took over the Land of Dragons and are planning to take over Yamagakure and use that power to take over Otogakure and so on till they take over all 5 Great Nations." said Itachi. "Well then lets stop them then, no problem for 2 gods right?" said Seireitou looking at Ryun. "....Yeah!" said Ryun happily. "Well then, i have a plan to take down the village, but we need the full support of every villager in both of our villages!" said Itachi. "No prob!" said Ryun. "You have Oto's full support, Itachi" said Seireitou. "Well then, here's the plan" said Itachi.

The Plan

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