Naruto fanon character
Birth Date September 19
Age 24
Blood type AB+
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Rank S-Rank, Rogue Ninja
Team Akatsuki, Alpha
Affiliation Akatsuki, Bukigakure
Partner Kikkikan Kodai
Kekkei Genkai None

Shinpite is a member of Akatsuki. He appears to be quite senior, as he refers to Sasori as Senpai. He wields a powerful bow, Kamigaado, which he uses for all of his jutsu. It is capable of firing blades like arrows, as it does with regularity, and chakra. It has blades on the ends as well, allowing him to use it as a strange sword. His taijutsu abilities are incredible, such that Utakata remarked he could match a ninja in stage 2 of the Hidden Lotus. His ninjutsu is also very powerful, mostly centering on enhancing the abilities of his bow.

Akatsuki Resurfaces Arc

Shinpite, disguised as a prison warden, lures Utakata and Odayaka into a fight, and shows his prowess, quickly gaining the upper hand. He is severely injured by a combination technique from Utakata and Regiwani, but captures the host, taking him to have his Bijuu sealed.

Kabuto Strikes Arc

It is revealed by Kabuto and Yasei Inuzuka that he is really a spy in Akatsuki, working for Kabuto, and has taken Utakata to Bukigakure. There, they meet up with Odayaka and Yasei, and form Team Alpha. Yasei then tells them their mission is to recruit more powerfulninja, and gather Orochimaru's scattered ninja, and they set off towards Konoha to begin.

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