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Defensive, Supplementary


Shori Koshaku

Shori's defensive puppet. Shinri is shown to be a blue-themed puppet with pink eyes, and with the color of sky blue surrounding its small black pupils. Its hair is long, jet black, contrasting against the pale and smooth complexion of its skin. Six small transparent pink visors surround both of its eyes, with three present on each side, creating a symmetrical pattern. Its visors, along with its eyes add up to eight, resembling a spider. Shinri has dark etchings under his eyes, giving it the appearance of someone who has insomnia.

The clothes that it wears are of the highest quality; featuring both a dark blue waist coat that is opened up in the front and the back, with a small piece of fabric encircling his neck, and a lighter blue hakama, tied with a purple sash. A large piece of white fabric hangs from the center of the sash, embellished with the image of a single large black spider. Outwardly; two large and deep blue gauntlets are on his arms, with ornate white designs and three pink crystals on each one. Unlike the rest of Shori's puppets these gloves feature only a single sharp extension, in place of the more commonly observed fingers.


Glue Substance: Shinri has the ability to create a sticky, glue-like substance that it can fire from the tip of its fingers. It can make it take the form of small pellets or as a thick stream. Shori can even work its hands to create a sticky web used to defend from long range attacks and entangle close range fighters.

Poison Secretion: Shinri can also secrete a toxin poison it out of small pores along its body causing it to spew out onto an enemy paralyzing them and slowing their movement. Additionally, this poison can be used to create a mist in which Shori can hide his location from his opponent.

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