Highest Rank Genin
Age 12
Height 4 ft, 9 inch
Weight 102 pounds
Gender Female
Race Human
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Nature Manipulation Types Earth
Kekkai Genkai none
Affilitations Konohagakure, Otogakure
Family Yamanaka Clan
Titles none
Teachers Tsuneide Uchiha


Shiori Yamanaka was Suzaku Hyuga's teammate when they were Genin.

Revival of Akatsuki

Shiori, along with Kaya, Kazekishi, and Shikatsuki, defeated Kakuzu of Akatsuki after he was revived.


  1. Mind Body Disturbance Technique
  2. Mind Body Split Technique
  3. Mind Body Switch Technique
  4. Substitution Jutsu
  5. Clone Jutsu

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