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Shirayuki Sonne (Fancy Gothic Style)

Shirayuki Sonne
Full Name Shirayuki Sonne
Age 15
Blood type A
Gender Female
Village of Origin Villa Oculta En La Vida
Chakra Type  ???
Kekkei Genkai None yet revealed
Rank Chunin


Shirayuki is a female ninja from Villa Oculta En La Vida.She is in the ninja team with Inade Amida.She is regarded in village as one of its most beautiful women,something she dislikes.She is a master of Zanjutsu and an excellent medic-nin being able to heal fatal injuries relatively quickly.She is in love with her teammate Jin Kenryo.


She is very serious and tomboy-ish,although she has a weakness for cute things and when she sees them reacts in avery girly way. She hates being one of the most beatifull girls in the vilalge and strikes anyone who calls her that or any compliment on her apperance because she beleives beauty isnt everything and beauty is corruptive.


She has white hair and she loves to wear contacts to change her eye color (it is unknown why).She's one of the most beautiful-if not the most beautiful-woman in the village,though she hates this.She also like her eyes,changes her dressing style alot,sometimes wearing ninja clothes other times fancy clothes and other times gothic clothes.


Her Espada is named "Rosa Bella" (lit.Beautiful Rose).For now it has shown the ability to amplify her healing and the ability to control flowers and turn the petals razor sharp.It also looks very different from other espada,it looks like a katana with the hilt decorated in many beautiful objects,which includes flowers and below the hilt is a white rose.

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