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Shisui is a very caring person. Even when he is told to complete the mission he will save his comrades first then complete the mission. He can be very goofy and can easily cheer his friends up. Even though he can be goofy if he is in battle he becomes calm, cool, and collected. He can be a little prideful of his ability, such as his Shyakugan. He is proud that he is a Kurasaki, with there mixed blood.


Shisui Kurasaki was born on March 12th. He has a older brother his name is Yahiko Uchiha he only got the uchiha gene. Shisui was an orphan since his parents died in battle. Shisui graduated the academy at the age of eight, he defected from konoha at the age of ten in search of Madara who is training his brother. He found Madara who trained Shisui along with Yahiko for three years. A bijuu like wolf beast, who didn't know what he was doing at the time, attacked Madara, and Madara try to seal the wolf inside Shisui. The wolf disapeared and they don't know if he will return. Shisui found out that his parents got killed by Orochimaru. Shisui attended the funeral and returned to Madara. He trained with Madara for three more years so he could kill Orochimaru.

Part 1

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