This article, Shock Release: Tri-Iaido, is property of Omnikaiser.
Shock Release: Tri-Iaido
English TV Shock Release: Tri-Iaido
Appears in Manga
Classification Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu
Class Offensive
Range Short-range

Based on the sword style of iaido, this technique begins with the sword sheathed. The user does so in a quick motion, which creates a slight burst of heat. Using chakra control to slightly amplify the heat, the user can capture and compress it, then attack the opponent with three strikes. Each strike releases the heat in a violent matter. If the opponent can block at least one of these strikes, the heat itself can hit his/her face and cause temporary incapacitation, allowing for an easier attack. If the opponent is unguarded, the heat released upon cutting flesh will cause severe burns to the area affected.

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