A Shogun (将軍; lit. Force Commander) is the leader of the nine most powerful samurai countries (or districts). Similar to the rank of Kage among the shinobi, the Shogun are considered to be the most powerful samurai in their districts. Unlike the Kage rank, the Shogun rank is hereditary, passed from father/mother to son/daughter, although "usurpation" has been known to have occurred. Collectively, they are known as the Nine Shogun (九将軍; Kokoshogun). The passing of the title of Shogun typically occurs when a son or daughter challenges the parent holding the Shogun title, though instances where a non-family member has challenged the Shogun.

The Shogun oversee their respective nations and are all considered to be equals in the eyes of the other Shoguns. Shoguns typically organize their countries and manage their land's political scenes. The Nine Shogun are:

Although there are exceptions, as in the case of the samurai known as Ronin and the lesser, minor samurai nations, the bulk of samurai society was led by the Nine Shoguns.

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