The Traitor Returns!

This is when Jashing made his first appearance in the Alpha Akatsuki, stating that he wanted to take out the Fifth Hokage himself, with Jet nodding and saying "As You wish". Jashing ran into Dadara Uzumaki and tried to avoid him as much as he could, and then went up to Tsunade, trying to take the Hokage Scroll, and called on the Seventh Great village, which he founded, Geunagakure or village hidden in the forest, to help, pushing the battle similar to Orochimaru and The Third Hokage's, with Jashing using his Lava Mountain technique, sending it all on Tsunade, then connecting with a Rasendori, activating his second stage Renegade, also supporting the Rinningan, letting his 8 other bodies come out, with the other Alpha Akatsuki members looking worried knowing if Jashing used too much power it could kill him, then he called on his Death Path to come, and the Death Path summoned Gamabunta, which Jashing had used in the past, only once. Gamabunta said he wouldn't battle with evil. Jashing got furious and his 2 paths used Clone Technique: Black Death Chidori, to kill gamabunta. Heartbroken by many villagers, the battle continued. Then some Konoha Jonin, one being Kakashi charged onto the roof, leaving the battle to be harder, Jashing used his human summoning to summon 6 more bodies, then wiped out all the Jonin except Kakashi and Shikamaru, and then Jashing used the Forbidden Jutsu Of The Forest: Wood Suffocation to crush everything in his sight, including his other paths, but Tsunade was killed in the blast, he then got all the secret scrolls of the Leaf Village, and then proceeded with killing Konoha, and with Rinningan, summoned all 250 paths of death, something only the father of shinobi could do, and noted that he chose to bring horror to the world, and with that he used Fire Release: Hellfire Explosion to destroy the leaf village, but the Alpha Akatsuki retreated before the blast. He was burned severely, but survived.


The Alpha Akatsuki took the Nine-Tailed Fox, sealed it, and looked down upon the burning village, Jashing looked like he had a tear in his eye with Psi saying "Regretting what you did?" With Jashing saying if he did he could stop it all, and then turned and started to walk back.

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