This article, Shurenko, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.


Shurenko (神\が繰り返して電話をしています, God's Calling) is an Yang Release move, that pulls an object or person, predetermined by the user, to a desired location whether that be to a nearby tree, cliff, or even the user himself.


Due to the fact that the technique is a Yōton, which originates in the eyes of the Ryun who has awakened the Chuto Taifugan, using it is costly. When used, the user is temporarily blinded for around ten seconds after use of the technique. The larger the jutsu is made, the longer the user remains blind. Also, due to the amount of chakra it takes to mold Yin chakra into Yōton chakra, even a master of the Yōton and Chuto Taifugan can only afford three to four uses of a this jutsu per day.


  • Like most of Ryun's techniques, it is based on Christian theology. The kanji for Shurenko (神\が繰り返して電話をしています) literally translates as "God's Calling Repeatedly", referring to the calling of God on all men and women's lives to come and follow Him.

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