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Shuten Dōji
Name Shuten Dōji
Alias Sargon's Greatest Oni (サルゴンの最大鬼, Sarugonno no Saidai Oni)
Purveyor of the Devil's Brew (悪魔醸造物の御用達, Akuma no Kamosu-tsukuri-motsu no Go-mochiiru-tatsu)
The Eternal Oni (不変鬼, Fuhen Oni)
The Drunken Tyrant of the Land of Demons (酔余 専制君主の鬼乃国, Suiyosenseikunshu no Oni no Kuni)
Wicked False Prophet (邪辟預言者, Yokoshima-heki Yogensha)
Kanji 酒呑童子
Romanji Shuten Dōji
Personal Status
Devils Brew
Birthdate Astrological Sign Leo August 11
Age Part I: 528
Part II: 530
Status Alive
Gender Gender Male Male
Height Part I: 7'2 ft (221 cm)
Part II: 7'3 ft (223 cm)
Weight Part I: 518 lbs. (235 kg)
Part II: 524 lbs. (238 kg)
Blood Type Oni
Devils Brew
Hometown Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure Symbol Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure
Home Country Land of Demons Symbol Land of Demons
Affiliation Land of Demons Symbol Land of Demons
70px-Land of Iron Symbol.svg Land of Iron
Occupation Sargon Sargon High Council Member
Kongōtō Jizō (金剛幢地蔵)
Previous Occupation Kongōgan Jizō (金剛願地蔵)
Kongōhi Jizō (金剛悲地蔵)
Kongōhō Jizō (金剛宝地蔵)
Team Sargon Sargon
Previous Team Roku Jizō (六地蔵)
Partner Yōja
Clan An Ancient Lineage Lost to History
Family Long Forgotten
Rinne Kusaregedo (Wife)
Akuhyō (Son)
Attained Positions
Devils Brew
Rank Daimyō
Classification Oni
Devils Brew
Kekkei Genkai Evil aku WOEP The Way of the Evil Path
Kekkei Tōta Shuten Arts kanji Divine Oni Arts
Unique Trait(s) Resistant to Chakra and Natural Energy
Infected with a Chakra Virus
Immune to the Negative Effects of the Devil's Brew
Able to See Into the Future
Tailed Beasts Essence of Mōryō and Asu Rashoujin
Nature Type Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin-Yang Release
Jutsu Divine Oni Arts: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain

Divine Oni Arts: Kosenjōrei
Divine Oni Arts: Kuma-Dōji
Divine Oni Arts: Nine Ogre Rulers Ascension
Evil Intent
Future Telling
Hall of the Lotus King
Laws of the Chanting Evil Spirits
Mugengai Yuishin
Negative Emotions Sensing
Ocean Seal Samadhi
Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel
Pradāśa Seal: Faustian Bargain
Remote Chakra Manifestation Technique
The Way of the Evil Path
The Way of the Evil Path: Akusei
The Way of the Evil Path: Emerging Tendrils
The Way of the Evil Path: Indestructible Dominion
The Way of the Evil Path: Sacred Armor of the Flagitious Abyss
The Way of the Evil Path: Transmigration Coffin Seal
The Way of the Hunger Path: Glutton’s Decaying Tree of Life
The Way of the Hunger Path: Kentanka Sen'Yaku
The Way of the Hunger Path: Man-Eating Fiend Road
The Way of the Hunger Path: Pandemic Black Apostle
True Hunger: Three Branches of Salvation
Very Hiden: Living Corpse Avatar
Very Hiden: Nonself Concealing Calamity
Very Hiden: Shadows Concealing Truth Technique

Tools Ghost Army

The Divine Mirror

"It is said that inside each of us, there exists a seed of unimaginable power, the seed of both good and evil. Most believe that the concept of the seed is simply metaphorical but for those naysayers, it has proven itself to be a bitter disillusion. The nature of the seed is something that is infinitely subtle and is nourished with our moral choices however, we are imprisoned with the fact that we naturally choose good. This chaotic struggle between the forces of light and darkness is what I consider torture of the most exquisite kind. At first, I felt a qualm of apprehension yet, a startling revelation entered my mind. I finally began to realize that good and evil are simply degrees of the same thing. I must admit, I was in a musing ecstasy of contemplation at the prospect of discarding benevolence and now, finally, I tread the dusky path of evil. It is I, Shuten Dōji, he who has forsaken the concept of righteousness in favor of The Way of the Evil Path and he who appreciates the existence of natural evil. I traded hope and prosperity for malevolence and power which is to me, one hell of a bargain."
The World Teacher

Sargon Purveyor of the Devil's Brew Devils Brew

~Theme of Shuten Dōji

As a fabled entity throughout history, Shuten Dōji (酒呑童子しゅてんどうじ) has been known as the most powerful of all the oni who lived in the mountains. The mountain that the legends speak of is Ōeyama (大枝山) which is also referred to as Mount Ooe[1]. Shuten Dōji was known throughout his time as the fiercest leader of all the oni and was by far the most renown. Legend states that there are four birth legends that depict his origin. However, for the NautoFanon version, the author will be basing this character off of the Mt. Ibuki birth legend [2].

Currently known as Sargon's Greatest Oni (サルゴンの最大鬼, Sarugonno no Saidai Oni), Shuten Dōji is one of the most prominent members of Sargon's High Council and as well as one of the strongest members after Asu Rashoujin and Garyo Kanakura. As the president of the Priory of Yang, Shuten Doji has made his mark across the shinobi world as being a ruthless facilitator of destruction and pain. An entity known throughout Sargon as being "vile" due to his blood containing a dark and extremely fatal chakra virus (チャクラウイルス, chakura uirusu), he is able to transmit this deadly virus on a global scale in hopes to fulfill his priory's main objectives which are:

  • To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result.
  • To bring about the end to all industrialization and the production of shinobi villages and missions. Unemployable in the major villages, in the wake of this industrial destruction, will become statistics in the elimination of the "excess population" announced by Asu.

His personal goals since joining Sargon has been shrouded in darkness and it sparks the interest of other oni whom wish to materialize their ideals onto the shinobi world. You see, Shuten Dōji understanding of the world and his viewpoint differ than that of humans simply due to experience. Experiencing the fear that human shinobi and samurai project from the physical vessels since a young age changed his mind either for better or for worse. The day that the oni will rule the world will indeed come to pass but and for Shuten Dōji, is not a matter of how, it is only a matter of when. As a indivuals who has learned the ways of the shinobi monk from within the Land of Demons, Shuten Dōji’s skill is perhaps second to none. Even Asu states that Shuten Dōji may be the second strongest indivuals after himself due to his powerful yet unique lineage. For centuries, Shuten Dōji’s efforts to gather the worlds oni under one rule have not been in vain. His title The Eternal Oni (不変 鬼, Fuhen Oni) stems from his ability to be the only other entity besides Asu Rashoujin to utilize The Way of the Evil Path which is a branch of transcended techniques that focus on the concept of evil. His skill in regards to these techniques allows him to stand above his peers in an art that he deems insufferable. The epithet also applies to his hell sent lifespan which seems to have no biological end. Even though he is centuries old, the divine oni appears exactly the same as he did in his twenties.

His appellation The Drunken Tyrant of the Land of Demons (酔余 専制君主の鬼乃国, Suiyosenseikunshu no Oni no Kuni) is pointing obviously to his authoritarian rule and his colossal brewery which is hidden hundreds of meters’ deep underground within the Land of Demons. As a tax to nations he has allied with, they charged with importing 100 shinobi per month from various nations in exchange for that country’s safety. The humans that are imported are stripped of their ability to mold chakra and are blinded. From here they are led into his brewery in which they are boiled alive in order for him to create his Devil’s Brew. For this reason, many nations will ally with him in fear of their own safety. The purpose of his rule is simple, spread fear of his land and the will of Sargon to no end. This is why his power is so feared amongst weaker nations. The supremacy of the tyrant of the Land of Demons knows no physical or metaphysical bound.

The fearsome oni has also been deemed the Purveyor of the Devil's Brew (悪魔の醸造物の御用達, Akuma no Kamosu-tsukuri-motsu no Go-mochiiru-tatsu) due to the fact that he is able to use fatal amounts sake that has been brewed in the Land of Demons. This unique brew as an astonishing amount of unique characteristics in which Shuten Dōji is able to coalesce with his Yin-Release, Yang-Release and the coveted Yin-Yang Release. Just as the priestess Shion, Shuten Dōji is able to predict the future by allowing his soul to transmigrate from the future in order to warn himself of any impending dangers. Because of this ability alone, Shuten Dōji was considered one of the earliest members of Sargon and the only member who does not belong to noble clan. Due to his stature in both folklore and in the Sargon hierarchy, Shuten Dōji has been deemed as one of the most mysterious and powerful entities in the current shinobi world. The full extent of his power has yet to be seen and may the one above all have mercy on those that do witness Shuten Dōji in all of his glory.


Birth Legends of the Drunken Oni

The birth of Shuten Dōji remains a mystery to the entire shinobi world and even to the illustrious members of Sargon. Shuten Dōji himself has no recollection of his memory however, the emperor of the shadow organization has once briefly referred to Shuten Dōji as my "son". Though in some instances, Shuten Dōji has had brief dreams involving Mōryō and various premonitions. Based off the The Chronicles of Japan Nihon Shoki (日本書紀)[3]. Therefore, in some cases we can see that his origin is in the Land of Demons and that he could be the son of Mōryō. During his time in the Land of Demons, Shuten Dōji become renown as a fierce competitor and as a ruthless shinobi who commanded a legion of other oni to include Ibaraki-Dōji as his deputy and the great four; Kuma Dōji, Torakuma Dōji, Hoshikuma Dōji, and Kanaguma Dōji. During his childhood, Shuten Dōji was born under strange circumstances that have led many to believe that is was only a myth.

Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure2

The place of Shuten Dōji's birth depicts a foreboding of some destined change.

According to legend, Shuten Dōji was born from the large snake Yamata no Orochi and a human girl, was a page at Mount Hiei from an early age, and underwent training, but he drank sake which was forbidden by Buddhism, and in face was a big drinker, and was therefore hated by everyone. One day, after a religious festival where he dressed in an oni costume, he was about to take off the costume, but he wasn’t able to since it was stuck to his face, and reluctantly went into some mountain recesses where he started his life as an oni. He then met Ibaraki-Dōji, and together aimed for Kyoto [4].

Progeny of the Human Sovereign

However, for this fanon, Shuten Dōji was created as a byproduct of Asu Rashoujin gaining ostensive control over the powerful demoninc entity known impersonally as Mōryō. As most may or may not know, Asu Rashoujin also known as the The Facilitator of Death (進行役の生死, Shinkouyakuno Seishi) is the Sage of the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane is the domain of the entities who have passed on in similar respect to the underworld or the Pure Land however those trapped within the Astral Plan are subjected to the torment’s the respective Sage if so he or she pleases. The domain of the Six Paths Technique (六道, Rokudō) or also known as the no Mutsu no Sekai (六つの世界) is but a mere fragment of what comprises the Astral Plane. As the Rinnegan alluded to the concepts of reincarnation of the soul, it don't allow the user to perceive any further than those six realms. In the same hand Mōryō was a powerful demon who was sealed by the priestess hailing from the Land of Demons and it was said that his spirit or rather his soul resided in the Astral Plane. He was an entity that desired to create a One Thousand Year Kingdom (千年王国, Sennen Ōkoku) by utilizing his Ghost Army in tandem with his own monstrous abilities to implement this goal. His own origins were perhaps during the age of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki or shortly after his death. Regardless of his origins, his power was overbearing and dense in comparison to those entities that came after him. His name resonated throughout the Land of Demons as a symbol of incomparability and dread. One not waiting to corrupt those whom enter his domain, Asu prudently confronted and corrupted Mōryō's slumbering soul while it was in the Astral Realm granting Asu a truly gargantuan amount of Dark Chakra (闇のチャクラ, Yami no Chakura) in which he used Mōryō's dark chakra and Asu's own existential energy from the Astral Plane to create Shuten Dōji out of his will much like Black Zetsu. This event did not destroy Mōryō's soul but instead corrupting it under Asu Rashoujin's unnaturally enlightened body. After this event, Mōryō would enter the Physical Plane to terrorize the Land of Demons. This event happened over roughly five centuries ago, this was the birth of one of the most powerful entities in the shinobi world.

As an infant, he was taken in by the monks situated within the Land of Demons and raised under their tutelage, mannerisms and their way of life. The monks expressed and embraced Mikkyō (密教, Literally meaning: Esoteric Buddhism). This path enables a person to reach Nirvana (freedom from suffering) in a single lifetime -- rather than passing through countless lives before achieving salvation. Each of the monks, dedicated their lives towards this ideal with the use of mantras, incantations and various forms of symbolism. However, in times of peace and complacency, events will often take a turn for worse due to unfortunate events happening to those in such good spirit. Being trained in the way of the ninja monks located within the Land of Demons, just as Gaoh was taught, Shuten Dōji was well mannered and well versed in the arts of exorcism and ritualistic ceremonies as a young child. As time would pass, he would eventually notice how villagers would often stare at him due to his unique physiology. You, due to his eventful birth, Shuten Dōji mirrored the two entities that he was created from. In similar aspects to Asu and to members of the Ōtsutsuki Clan Shuten Dōji started to develop to develop peculiar horns which were extremely dense and would grow larger throughout his childhood. Along with the unusual horns, he possessed what Some of his peers figured that the horns Shuten Dōji possessed were merely just ornaments though the original monks who took Shuten Dōji in understood his origins but they did their best to keep it a secret from him. During his eight year of life, Shuten Dōji began fall to a serious illness that would circumvent throughout his village at an alarmingly high rate.

This illness was born from the unnatural mix of astral existential energy along with dark chakra merged into one being and it affected those who contained chakra within them. The symptoms of Shuten Dōji along with the villagers and the ninja monks was a complete consumption and degradation of their chakra network. The virus literally destroyed their chakra network leaving them only able to harness the little vitality they had left in the form of physical energy. Eventually, the towns people would notice the young Shuten-Dōji dispelled his illness within a couple of days and eventually became immune to it while the other villagers began to fall ill and they would pass away to the illness only within a couple of days after contracting it. Due to his reason and the strange horns adorned atop his head, Shuten Dōji as eventually banished from the Land of Demons and was prosecuted as a curse to their livelihood. During his teen years, Shuten Dōji would travel to various lands to find his origin, his purpose and to find out why did he have those peculiar horns adorned embedded into his forehead. His travels would eventually lead him to remote parts of the shinobi world where his peculiar appearance would fit in with the clan's there. He would first travel to through the Land of Valleys and eventually to the Land of Swamps where he would meet powerful members of the Kusaregedo Clan which forms its techniques under the basis of consumption and cannibalism. During his stay with the cannibalistic clan, the ruthless oni with a fearsome countenance oni would eventually meet his wife simply known as Rinne (輪音) or Aisai' (愛妻, Literally meaning: My beloved). The clan, regardless of the oni’s presence, welcomed him with open arms and exalted him as a beneficial omen much to the annoyance of Shuten Dōji, though he did not protest in the slightest. Upon meeting his future wife, Shuten Dōji had purged his soul of any nonsense such a love due to his hatred and discrimination the villagers showed towards him. However, her kind methods threw the oni for a run and they eventually spend more and more time together.

Destined Battle, Shuten Dōji versus the Hachibushū

From here, Shuten Dōji would spend the next eighty or so years wondering the shinobi world learning knowledge from various regions of the world to include the early Majikina Empire. During his nineties, Shuten Dōji would stumble upon the powerful entity Asu Rashoujin and due to the familiar sensation of Asu's energy, Shuten Dōji requested to become a disciple of the Judge of the Ashen verdict. This initial contact with the foul one sparked a relationship that would eventually turn the globe inside out as Shuten Dōji becomes a member of the illustrious eternal kings, Sargon. During this time frame, Asu would brand Shuten Dōji with the Pradāśa Seal: Branded Infidel and would begin the process of learning his true origins. After meeting with the future emperor of Sargon, Shuten Dōji enters the battle of Ashlultum under Sargon's greatest oni and begins to infect his opposition with his fatal Chakra Virus that he constantly breathes causing most of his opponent's to flee and fall under the powerful illness. The individuals whom preferred stay and clash with the formidable oni courageously lost their lives by way of Shuten Dōji’s deific taijutsu or even by inhaling the air around him. Witnessing the battle was something that could only be described as sheer unadulterated lunacy... absolute madness.

The fearless nin that Sargon faced against were from various nations that all shared a communal goal; stopping Sargon at all costs. Family crests and other paraphernalia laid isolated among the blood-soaked field at the first battle site. Even though the shinobi that participated in the war earned a valiant death, Sargon and especially Shuten Dōji would not allow that. The wicked technique known formally as the Laws of the Chanting Evil Spirits was set in the vein of a containment barrier where only the user could pass in and out freely harvested the souls of those whom died within, a note that caused even more anger in the shinobi Sargon went up against. No longer was this a simple battle for dominance, this battle-this battle decided that fate of both the victor and of the defeated. The war itself lasted only for several days as Shuten Dōji continued to plow through any resistance with only minor injuries, however due to the Very Hiden: Living Corpse Avatar technique, those minor grievances were healed within a moment’s notice. Shuten Dōji eventually headed towards the main compound to where then final band of resistance formed together to keep the seemingly divine oni at bay. Even though Shuten Dōji was a haughty warrior, though his arrogance tended to work against him and to then have his wit pull him out of predicaments that would nonetheless have him sealed.

Eventually, the oni reached the capital and bore witness to the final warriors whom protected the Daimyō. These seven warriors were the final obstacle that Sargon had to across in order to expand the corrupt influences across the eastern and western frontier. These enigmatic eight warriors were named the Eight Legions (八部衆 , Hachibushū), a name reminiscent of the sentient and supernatural beings said to be present when Shaka Nyorai (Historical Buddha) expounded the Flower Sutra on Vultures Peak (also called Eagle Peak). Unlike the original devas, these eight were the result of cultivated perfection among the defiant nations. Though before he could prepare to attack the eight warriors, a shower of arrows reminiscent of an ominous storm cloud appeared over Shuten Dōji’s head. The entire sky was stained with blackened arrow tips that seemingly materialized from nowhere. It was in that moment when Shuten Dōji was in a misery of annoyance and mortification. Before the arrows could strike, he would subconsciously activate his The Way of the Evil Path: Indestructible Dominion which not on protected him from the shower of immeasurable arrows, but also drastically increased his offense and defense for the battle yet to come.

Upon activation of the technique, the arrows ceased and not a sound was uttered. Shuten Dōji made a gesture that signified that he was the true master of the battlefield and that he was an obstacle that was not meant to be passed. The archer’s in the distance prepared for another onslaught of arrows but as soon as they reached for their quills, they were met with an agonizing pain. A pain of being pierced through the abdomen by Shuten Dōji. Each archer met their end by the way of being stabbed with obscure, fleshy tendrils that appeared from astral openings that appear in each of their blind spots. The daimyo watched in terror as each of his divine archers were assimilated into the oni’s own being, coalesced in to perpetual darkness. Then a thunderous voice yelled Zao Gongen (Zaō, 蔵王権現, Literally meaning: Mountain Avatar) which caused the surrounding mountains to come alive and represent themselves as a colossal entity whose mere waist rested unto the heavens themselves. Shuten Dōji instantly new where the voice carried from was highly irate because of the fact however, this did not deter his onslaught. The massive earthen deity stomped near the ground thereby causing a massive concussive force that leveled the surrounding landscape was being sent towards the oni. The Hachibushū members leaped back from the shockwave as it carved an unmistakable mark into the ground and even the oni himself.

The sight was unimaginable and the noise rumbled across the landscape being heard as far as a dozen kilometers away. As the smoke and debris cleared, Shuten Dōji’s silhouette appeared faintly and walked towards the colossal entity in an indescribable confidence. Then, within the blink of an eye, Shuten Dōji activated his Divine Oni Arts: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain to completely shatter the earthen deity much to the shock of the Hachibushū. Under no circumstances did Shuten Dōji underestimate his opponents, and within an instant, he was quietly stabbed through the back by a female member only known as Kinnara (緊那羅). Shuten Dōji could easily tell that she was undermined leader of the group and was in complete awe of her speed. Though before she could finish her attack, she was whisked away by a fellow teammate whose name was Yasha (夜叉). Shuten Dōji vicariously regained his composure as his wound healed and firmly stated “Your day has come. To face defeat by the hands of me…you should feel proud of the achievement.” and with a short step, Shuten Dōji prepared himself to release a powerful wave of Dark Chakra coupled with his unique chakra virus. He readied his stance and quickly glanced into eyes of his opponents’ before he let out a large bellow which created a shockwave that decimated most the temple grounds. The resulting maneuver provided a nauseating smoke screen that inhibited the formation of chakra within the warriors but it also caused external injuries to the Hachibusū do the concussive force produced by the wave.

However, the eight warriors were in a single-minded fervor and was determined to win no matter how bleak the situation was. Two of the more faster members of the Hachibushū utilized a form of Swift Release and Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique to encroach the personal space oni without him noticing which created a dazzling completeness of beauty. A tag method consisting of dual frontal and rear assault punished the oni without giving him anytime to formulate a counter attack. Even with the natural conniving defense of the oni’s chakra virus, the velocity of the attacks was able to completely unaffected the depredating effects. Then with a swift kick to the chin, Shuten Dōji was impudently knocked back with such force that it caused a small vacuum from the point of impact. When the warriors were taking their final breath's, Asu allowed Shuten Dōji to utilize the The Divine Mirror during this battle and captured each warrior whose refection appeared in the mirror and Sargon easily claims their victory as the fight is completely one sided. It was after this battle that Sargon gained complete and utter dominance in the shinobi world, it is also one that Shuten Dōji learned of his battle prowess.

Shuten Birth Hall

A mere exhibition of Shuten Doji's former temple which has since been transformed into a palace of hedonism.

After more than a century of being banished from the Land of Demons, Shuten Dōji returns to his old village and begins to take over discreetly by disguising himself as a elderly resident. The original ninja monks who took Shuten Dōji in and the ones that banished him were long deceased therefore, he did not have any issues reentering the village and gaining political power through his ties with Sargon. After becoming the head ninja monk, Shuten Dōji used Sargon funds in order to stage assassinations against the local priest, daimyo and Kage in which he would subsequently take over their positions as the head of the Land of Demons. As the dictator to the Land of Demons, Shuten Dōji is the ultimate authoritative power and her answers to no one. Despite this fact, Shuten Dōji has increase the purchasing parity of his own land along with it's expansion. However, aside from the economical expanses, Shuten Dōji is a brutal murderer. In the past he would boil his enemies children and make them eat in which he would subsequently kill them. He would also impale any opposition with stakes that protruded through their digestive system and through their mouths. This form of tyranny has leaked into the shinobi world by the word of mouth. During this time frame, he would pass through the central area in he Land of Demons and would establish the preeminent Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure as the focal point of operations for his empire. The lowly village that he had once in habited was incorporated into his new location. Though residents that lived in this small village were not required to relocate, Shuten Dōji di however relocate his old training hall to within Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure.

Establishing Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure

Main article: Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure
Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure

Whom some would consider a callous and conscienceless brute, Shuten Dōji established a village that an entire nation could thrive off of.

Even before it’s informal title, the Land of Demons was known for its nights of fathomless blackness in which no mark of trick or artifice could upset this supernatural phenomenon. Deep within its unfeeling heart rested sparse nomadic villages and within each of those secular locations priestesses of legendary bloodlines ruled over them. In fact, it was one of those very priestesses whom banished Shuten Dōji many decades ago form the Land of Demons in its entirety. During the oni’s banishment, his travels took him through breathtaking landscapes and whimsical villages that seemed years of development beyond what he was originally accustomed to. Idealizing the architecture within the Land of Neck and the Land of Swamps, Shuten Dōji decided that was his banishment was over, that he would construct a village in his own liking. Years would go by as he would contemplate not only the name of his village but the purpose of it as well. As you see, at birth Shuten Dōji was shunned do to his appearance and his inherent chakra virus which was unlikely to be sealed due to his age and the only thing that plagued his mind was vengeance.

Shuten Dōji, despite his prowess was impervious to the lessons of experience. Even the entity whom its power he was spanned could not defeat the priestess of the Land of Demons itself so what chance would this vile creature have. Upon reaching the final days of his banishment, Shuten Dōji immersed himself in secret schemes that harbored ominous storm clouds of revenge. In a depreciating tone of gratitude, Shuten Dōji thanked the deceased priestess whom banished him so many years ago, for a second chance. Even supposing he knew very well that the original priestess who banished him over century ago had long since passed, her powerful barrier was maintained by her descendants whom were far weaker than she. Shuten Dōji then approached the sacred light barrier to the Land of Demons with a sinister grin emblazoned across his chiseled face as he knew that now was the time to strike. Then in a wise, superior, slightly scornful manner, Shuten Dōji activated his The Way of the Hunger Path: World Devouring Oni to inhale and consume the entirety of the barrier. The barrier itself was tease of power. It covered the entire country of the Land of Demons and was fortified in even the smallest increments to which the oni was not allowed to pass. Not only could his chakra not pass through the barrier, neither could his mind or spirit and that in itself was a feat lost to the darkness that is Shuten Dōji’s gullet. It took the oni approximately ten minutes to engulf a barrier whose radius exceed that of most nations.

Once the barrier was absorbed, a fleeting essence of chakra spiritually contacted the current Princess of the Land of Demons as a treble of fear pinged within her worrisome heart. She would quickly contact the perimeter guards, which identified themselves as ogres, to stop the breach of whom she only knew as the banished one. Shuten Dōji was alone in this ordeal as only he could atone for their disrespect, nevertheless he knew what he was getting himself into and was not worried in the slightest as he had more experience from when he was first banished. Then without much thought, Shuten Dōji took a sip from his Devil’s Brew which granted him a form of hypersensitive to his surroundings and with a single glance, he could see countless shadows encroaching him which then let out a sigh of relief. Within the Devil’s Brew, contained the essence, chakra, mental, physical and spiritual energy of those contained within, Shuten Dōji could harness any traits of those entities as much as he pleased, though he was required to constantly take sips to keep the effects active. However, the oni did not depend on the strengths and anecdotes of others as he was an entity of extraordinary power in his own right.

Without the slightest movement, Shuten Dōji materialized The Divine Mirror which housed every entity whom was narcissistic to view their own reflection. Within the eminent and illustrious mirror resided many formidable opponent’s that the oni had faced throughout the years those whom were distinguished among the rest were the Hachibushū. The Hachibushū were met during Sargon’s great war against rival nations and they alone heralded great fear throughout Sargon’s ranks. The warriors excelled in the arts of Ninshū, weaponry and intelligence and were among the most powerful team in the shinobi world. Their fate was deemed missing in action however, only the divine oni knew of their destiny.
Shuten Temple

The product of the Kongōtō Jizō, an overburdening sense of the inexpressible.

The eight warriors sprung forth from the mirror with unfeeling, heartless eyes that seem to disregard the vibrancy of life. The moment the Land of Demon forces reached the entry point that Shuten Dōji had created and witnessed a scene exuberating a overabundance of anticipation. The Hachibushū were extremely experienced in combat, as much as Shuten Dōji and on his call the ran towards the incoming forces which ended up with the Hachibushū easily defeating the armed forces of the Land of Demons in which Shuten Dōji was quite appalled at the fact nonetheless, he continued his trek towards the priestess compound. Once he arrived, the priestess and her guards made the final preparations of the current dynasty. Whether the win or lose, Shuten Dōji was not leaving the royal compound. However, even their efforts were futile as Shuten Dōji singlehandedly defeated the trio by simply releasing his toxic chakra virus into the atmosphere which the priestess and her valiant guards had no choice but to inhale due to them being indoors. Within that moment, Shuten Dōji had gained his long sought after revenge but he felt that he missed something and then, a spark of an idea entered his mind; establishing his own nation. Realizing that he still worked for Sargon, Shuten Dōji wanted to create a central hub that would bring forth his knowledge as a natural ruler, the old Land of Demons was no more as they gained a new leader. The ways of the priestess were no more and the age of the oni was ushered in with authority. The matchless might of the divine oni then utilized a peculiar technique that was formally used by one of the Hachibushū members to elevate multiple mountains which served as the foundation for his new dream. Then in two was complete.


Composure, Leadership, Objectivity, Man-Eater

While as a figurehead of both the Land of Demons and of Sargon, Shuten Dōji has a blindingly aloof demeanor and often demonstrates it outside of the battlefield. Even as a youth, Shuten Dōji has displayed condescension for the mundane and believes that putting in “effort” is not worth the benefit in some cases. While he was the head monk of the Land of Demons, his distinctive abilities combined with his self-satisfaction of complacency earned him admiration from even the strictest and harshest detractors involved with the village elders. Coincidentally notwithstanding his aloof nature, Shuten Dōji has displayed numerous attributes that most would qualify under leadership potential. His leadership potential combined with the fact that he was created out of conflict is one of the paramount reasons why Asu demanded that Shuten Dōji to join Sargon.

As previously mentioned, Shuten Dōji displays characteristics that would easily earn the respect of the most powerful shinobi and entities alike. The most notable characteristic that many would notice upfront would be his equanimity. Shuten Dōji, is an oni who is not a stranger to conflict due to his first 150 years of life being a continuous bout. Time and time again, he has shown the ability to remain calm and poised through even the direst of situations. Even in the heat of battle, when combined with his ability to foresee future event’s, Shuten Dōji is able to adjust quickly adapting to various situations and always remaining in control over the battle which includes himself. Another trait would be his integrity or rather his objectivity. As stated by many of his followers despite his folklore origings[5], Shuten Dōji has an outstanding relationship with his subordinates and he is noted as being fair, compassionate and understanding.

While as the president of the Priory of Yang, Shuten Dōji has been able to avoid discrimination despite being discriminated due to his appearance, deceit (even while being the progeny of a resulted violent encounter between two evil entities) and favoritism amongst other Sargon High Council members and subordinates alike. Even though he displays wonderful advantages for being a leader, Shuten Dōji has displayed an antisocial personality disorder on many occasions, it should be also noted that Shuten Dōji has a distinguished taste for human flesh. With that in mind, he shows a complete lack of remorse for devouring humans, whether they are man, woman or child. This consumption of human flesh, suppresses his carnal need for violence which is a reflection from his upbringing. Shuten Dōji has been a passionate individual through his entire life and would fight doggedly to maintain his rule of the Land of Demons and the areas autonomy. Despite his prowess, Shuten Dōji is an educated individual as was typical for nobility during his stay at the monastery. He learned multiple languages, numbers and philosophy, while excelling in martial arts of horsemanship, chivalry and fighting. This combined with constant exposure to noble privilege would give him a sense of superiority to him that would be good to mimic. After the creation of Gōzanze Myō-ōgakure, Lord Shuten Dōji has maintained a political and military grasp upon the entirety of the Land of Demons.

The Awakened One

His inner-self only known as the The Awakened One (回帰せし者, Kaikiseshi Mono) appears only when the oni is completely bloodthirsty. The normally dignified and poised Shuten Dōji embellishes the true nature of his Evil Intent and the wicked spirits that his body hosts. It is what some would consider a state of sullen self-absorption. The malevolent nature the encompasses the oni is shown to be completely reckless when it comes to fighting but his style is known to be unequivocally pure. The spirits within the oni speak in unison with his own and as such, his motives become undistinguishable. Torrents of his chakra virus coalesced with his Dark Chakra creates an undeniably strong force that is essentially the embodiment of nihility and is shaped in the form of detached translucent tentacles that appear as a dark violet vapor. This is the oni’s true personality. It was consistently held back primarily due to fear and the thought of disdain that people would display to him during his younger years. This fear is now dissipated and this confidence would be what some would consider as immeasurable. Not many warriors can face the world completely free of mental restraints or doubts, but the kaikiseshi mono is completely free.

With all of the spirits the live within the oni’s body, this form is quite difficult to sense due to the irrationality and savage nature that is the oni. A sudden uncontrollable outburst of malevolent feeling accompanies the unbridled transformation and this outburst can be felt physically akin to a massive offensive force. Those who appear around the oni in this transcended state are agitated with violent and contending emotions which hinders them uncontrollably in combat. . His fighting style incorporates more of The Way of the Evil Path techniques rather than is refined Divine Oni Arts however, this in not a negative aspect by no definition. The hatred that he has for humans and the hatred that he instills within his opponent’s does not only drastically increase his abilities but is also changes them. You see, when Shuten Dōji is in this state, his Chakra Virus infects the opponent’s body by inhalation and slowly transforms them into a degraded oni that is devoid of reason. In a another sense, the oni becomes a Kushōjin (倶生神, Koshojin). His combat methods that would normally involve an acute sense of grace are now clouded and misinterpreted but nevertheless formidable. Though in this somewhat unbalanced state, the oni desires nothing but utter destruction no matter the form.


Unapologetically Oni

The same features the oni was eschewed for in his youth are now the same features that people visualize when they think of an extraordinary leader and a fearsome opponent. Shuten Dōji’s initial appearance may seem quite startling at first glance mainly due to the unique enigmatic horns festooned upon his head. Horns have always been an important symbol throughout history and throughout every culture as the represented in some cases otherworldly powers. In Shuten Dōji’s case, his horns are unique and they are a true symbol of status to his power garnering the respect from other Sargon members. From immaculacy to frightening the profane, Shuten Dōji’s physical stature is amazing for an entity that has lived as long as he. For example, his hair sometimes ranges from a dull red/orange to a silver often suiting his personal attributes for the day. His muscles definition is something out of legend, though he doesn’t prefer taijutsu, Shuten Dōji keeps his body in tip-top condition with strenuous workouts focusing on a variation of calisthenics and oni combative arts. The appearance of Shuten Dōji has been honored for ages a his physical appearance has not changed in centuries. Along with the aforementioned, noticeable on his hand are enormous claws that are defined on each of his fingers allowing him to spread his chakra virus through physical contact. His crimson hair is appears to be well conditioned and maintained despite the ferocity of the oni.

Shuten Dōji often carries around mystical flagon’s that are filled with variations of the Divine Oni Slayer Sake which he rightfully calls the Devils Brew. The flagon’s range in size from those able to carry roughly 16 ounces to large flagon he carries on his back which can hold up to an excess of 38 gallons. Along with his other accessories, this forearms and his shins are bejeweled with red spheres composed of ruby which are then attached by a red rope composed of human hair. During battle, he is often seen wearing a decorated chest piece composed of obsidian and Damascus steel. Furthermore, the chest piece is designed with numerous cyphers written in gold. The chest mantle serves as a protectant against physical strikes and other events of similar nature but it also provides an exceedingly high amount of comfort.


統計 Stats
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Dark Chakra & Existential Energy

Across the shinobi world, there are a multitude of shinobi who seek to have some form or capacity of ultimate power in a sense however, that power is not attained alone nor contained in one vessel. Those who seek ultimate power are often faced with the hardships of losing sanity amongst other issues for the purpose of deeming themselves almighty. According to Shuten Dōji’s philosophy, the burden of the mighty shall carry over towards the meek and those that bear the mark of the Pradāśa Seal shall inherit the Earth, though ironically, he has never utilized his Pradāśa Seal. Shuten Dōji’s abilities have been revered and honored by his followers ever since his acceptance into the Land of Demons over 400 years ago and have been known to revolve the use of his mystical flagon filled with a mysterious substance he dubs as the Devil’s Brew. Ever since his induction into the original shinobi monk society of the Land of Demons, Shuten Dōji’s has been known to have exceptional chakra precision and it contains of overwhelming sense of dread and wickedness to those who are able to survive in his presence. Dark Chakra (闇のチャクラ, Yami no Chakura) is a special chakra formed from the negative emotions of the heart[6] and with Shuten Dōji, this is only one half of the energy that comprises his being. With his unique mixture of existential energy and dark chakra, Shuten Dōji is able to perform a multitude of furtive and enigmatic techniques without the need for ample amounts of rest.

Dark chakra is known the spiritual manifestation of negative emotions and negative intent and was thought to have been created by the Zero Tails however, that was not factual. In the oni's case, Dark Chakra stems from his supernatural nativity and retaining two powerful spiritual entities inside him. With the unrivaled use of his Dark Chakra, Shuten Dōji is able to express a concise use of his techniques and the techniques of other's without the fear of physical repercussions. Sensing chakra has become an exceptional and highly valued trait in the shinobi world, especially during missions of espionage. The ability to sense the position of your opponent without being in a visible proximity is in most regards, an expression of a true tactician. However, as revered as this ability may seem, attempting to sense Shuten Dōji's chakra is an nonredeemable gesture. His mere presence engulfs all of those surrounded by him in a realm of dreadful and unpleasant thoughts. When a sensor pings the divine oni's chakra, they are subjected to an impenetrable screen of Evil Intent that often backfires in a somewhat painful manner. In a sense, it is an atmosphere brooding of negative intent that strikes fear in even the greatest sensors. His nature is truly chilling though not at the level of Hojo Senryo, a fellow Sargon High Council Member, but nevertheless, it is considered manifestation of hostile intent. With the realization of the ineffable essences within Shuten Dōji, they provide an articulate expression of being essentially infinite.

He is able to subconsciously produce staggering amounts of Dark Chakra when at full power and just the mere thought of it causes an immense travail of the mind. When channeling this Dark Chakra through is abilities, the appearance, power and feel undoubtedly dissimilar from anything the opponent has ever felt. It's as if the unbridled and unrestrained soul of Mōryō is attempting to employ his will through each of the oni's techniques. Even though he contains the entirety of Mōryō's existence, his presence within Shuten Dōji is well-known throughout the Land of Demons and that his power is undoubtedly his own. The appearance of his chakra takes on an ardent, sinister form that resembles none other than Mōryō himself. Due to his internal energy, Shuten Dōji was even deemed problematic by the Sage of the Astral Plane if he were to activate the Pradāśa Seal located on his left forearm. Though he does not have a natural elemental affinity, Shuten Dōji is able to hold his own against the master’s is of each respective element, whether it evolved or not. Shuten Dōji does not fear any entity as he is the creation of the efficacy of dark chakra and the ineffable construct of astral energy. His mastery over Yin Release, Yang Release and their fusion Yin-Yang Release allows the oni to use them in tandem with his Divine Oni Arts (神便の術, Kami no Onijutsu).

Innate Abilities

Widely unknown among the rest of the shinobi world, Shuten Dōji’s abilities stem around three enigmatic branches of jutsu called The Way of the Evil Path (魔道な流, Madō na Ryū), Divine Oni Arts (神便の術, Kami no Onijutsu) and a unique branch of kinjutsu involving his Devil’s Brew. Shuten Dōji is capable of utilizing high degrees of mastery in each branch and is even capable of deploying them simultaneously. As a “divine” oni, Shuten Dōji possess an immensely powerful physical form, that even surpasses that of Daiochan Tokisada’s own physical prowess. A unique ability that Shuten Dōji has is that he is able to foresee the future and to accurately predict it giving him a form of insight that surpasses even the greatest of soothsayers. This is done by his astral and demonic lineage which allows him to go beyond the realms of life, death and the entirety of the Astral Plane which encompasses the two aforementioned concepts along with the soul and spirit. The future insight process happens instantly, and he is able to utilize this ability up to five times per day. This is done by projecting his soul or part of his consciousness into a future timeline.

The process is done by having those abstract forms travel through the astral plane of existence by the use of a unique form of time travel. He is able to keep his consciousness and his astral form into this future timeline for approximately an hour at a time. With this in mind, he is able to venture into the world as far as he can, but he prefers to view his own future or that of his fellow High Council Members. The time frame can range from a few minutes into the future or up to a few decades all within a moment’s notice. Shuten Dōji also possess a staggering amount of physical strength. Aside from his unique ability of foreseeing the future, Shuten Dōji is also imbued with an advanced form of Sakon and Ukon’s Kekkei Genkai that seems to have stemmed from his unique ancestry. Thus, Shuten Dōji is capable of merging with biological objects at a molecular scale. As an added side effect, Shuten Dōji is capable of spreading Asu’s corrupt chakra and his infamous chakra virus within the molecules of the opponent which can swiftly incapacitated them due to the potency of the virus. He is often noted to have an extremely high skin density due to his complex origins and lifespan. This feature made him an ideal advocate for the oni taijutsu arts which consists of feral like attacks and overwhelming amounts of brute force with a dash of unpredictability. His internal make-up is completely foreign in nature as his internal organs are arranged in an entirely discreet manner and his blood his highly contagious and immutable.

Chakra Virus

One of the most astounding facts about Shuten Dōji is that he is a catalyst for the most destructive form of the chakra virus. As a young oni, Shuten would have serious bouts of malaises which included depriving coughs which would inherently affect those within his village and subsequently, they would be killed. He would eventually figure out that due to the mixture of two foreign energy sources causing a strange chain reaction within his physical and spiritual forms, that he was infected with a depredating virus. The virus in question incomparable with normal viruses as it does not affect the physical body, but rather energy sources to include natural energy, chakra and existential energy. This virus is fixated within his oni blood, his soul and his physical form. The virus itself acts as a sentient life form as it is all consuming in nature and has the capacity to destroy any form of organic life form, chakra based structure or those that revolve around primordial qi. In a sense, its more of an entropy due to the imbalance of Shuten Doji's own qi, dark chakra and astral existential energy. With each breath the Purveyor of the Devil’s Brew takes, this powerful chakra virus is spread into the atmosphere causing all of those whom choose to breathe it in, severe bouts of degradation and eventually death within minutes of contracting. Shuten Dōji’s chakra virus can be considered a sentient entity that is able to bond with the molecules of the opponent and is able to completely destroy the tenketsu, tenkatsu in mere seconds, within the initial moment of contact. This means that the chakra virus cannot be purged from the body as it is permanently bonded with the opponent’s spiritual energy. The virus appears as a monomolecular mist that is nearly invisible. When the opponent activates a technique or attempts to absorb natural energy, the surrounding natural energy will become eradicated and it will cause the virus to spread at unimaginable speeds. The chakra virus completely nullifies all forms of jutsu, even techniques that utilize the conceptual form of chi are negated whether at its most adept state or its most basic.

The virus can be spread through skin to skin contact, contact with Shuten Dōji’s oni blood, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen emissions, saliva or by even being within a close proximity of the foul one. The virus destroys from the inside out by corrupting the source of energy and thusly consuming it causing a physical and metaphysical destruction of the host. The virus uses chakra and other forms of energy such as physical and spiritual energy in order to spread its annihilation level influence. Meager methods to stop the virus from spreading such as using chakra or any other energy based techniques are to no avail. As stated before, the virus is a culmination of Asu Rashoujin’s existential energy and Mōryō’s dark chakra granting it a consuming, corrupting and ineffable nature. Even while stationary, Shuten Dōji's chakra virus eradicates the surrounding natural energy, not destroying, but rather transforming the benevolent source into a host for his virus. Though powerful, this virus prohibits Shuten Dōji from utilizing natural energy or replicating other jutsu. This unnatural mutation is fatal to all organisms whether sentient or not (except those with the Pradāśa Seal).

As seen against a surfeit of jutsu and senjutsu alike, the oni's dark chakra virus completely eradicates the basis of physical, spiritual and natural energy. This is the sole reason why he is unable able to manipulate natural energy on any profound scale. However, the process is not instant unless he is in his Awakened One state. For standard ninjutsu, velocity, dense and mass plays a crucial role when trying to pass the chakra virus veil in order to reach Shuten Dōji's body. Therefore, attacks such as the Tailed Beast Ball has a higher chance making contact with the oni's body in comparison to techniques on a lower caliber and even then, his physical defense along with his defensive techniques makes it purposeless to do such an act. This is exceptionally dangerous to taijutsu practitioners as being in such a close range increases their chances to inhale a lethal amount of the virus. Those whom are unfortunately inflicted by the virus have a slim chance of survival and seeking immediate medical attention is crucial in it’s early stages. Even techniques such as the Regeneration Ability and those of similar caliber are left inert as the virus destroys and at equal pace to any healing technique. This is mere display of its remarkable sentience, to acclimatize to any internal or external technique and disturb it without any part from the carrier. When melded with dark chakra, the chakra virus behaves in a more passive, docile manner allowing Shuten Dōji to truly weaponized it as an extension of himself. He then envelops the virus melded with dark chakra as its catalyst to create a truly destructive aura rivaling the negation properties of Truth-Seeking Balls. He is able to shape this unholy combination in morning stars, cudgels and other forms of weaponry. As mentioned before, those struck once by the virus are susceptible to it’s side effects such as the inability to properly mold chakra.

The Devils Brew

The revered enigmatic constituent confined within Shuten Dōji’s mystical flagon is created from the flesh of human’s blended with the remnants of dark chakra and astral existential energy. This concoction of life, death and the energy from beyond creates a brew matched in its opulence only by its creator, Shuten Dōji. The mystical brew has a powerful effect on humans and non-human entities alike. The Devil’s Brew is held within a multitude of unique gourds or flagon’s that Shuten Dōji carries either on him or within his summoning scrolls. The brew contained within each of the sacred flagon's have been aged to perfection with scents of wild flowers and a taste of decadence. Unlike traditional sake, Shuten Dōji's variation is consumed while right below the boiling point. However, it can be consumed at room temperature and the user would still receive the brews various effects.

Drinker's Regret

The Devil’s Brew is held within a multitude of unique gourds or ambiguous flagon’s that Shuten Dōji carries either on him or within his summoning scrolls. Shuten Dōji’s primary tool is a anomalous gourd his calls Drinker’s Regret (上戸 三日酔い, Jougo Mikkayo) in which it house a unique mixture of the Devil’s Brew. The gourd itself works as a container for the unique variation of the Devil’s Brew and it also doubles as a sealing gourd similar to the Benihisago and in turn incorporates the opponent’s chakra, physical form, soul, mind and spirit into the current brew assimilating them with the enigmatic sake. However, absorbing the opponent’s this way does not grant Shuten Dōji any of their abilities. Though the primary purpose of the Drinker's Regret is not its absorption capabilities, its the mysterious substance inside the brew Shuten Dōji prefers. The batch of brew inside this gourd, once consumed, allows Shuten Dōji to have an increased awareness that is beyond normal thought. It provides a radical increase to his bodily processes to include his, sight, hearing, vision, taste, touch and reflexes. A single delightful sip of The Devil’s Brew from this gourd allows Shuten Dōji to process the world around him in a highly efficient manner via mortal omniscience, it enhances to a point where he can sense the most miniscule of movements and vibrations as small as an atom within a radius of several hundred meters. Not only is he able to sense this movement with relative ease, his reaction time to counter those said movements increases as well to point where most would think its physically impossible for the human physiology. While under the effects of this brew, Shuten Dōji can dodge techniques such as Kamui and the Flying Thunder God Technique without the slightest amount of effort.

However, this does not apply to Shuten Dōji for a feeble human he is not. His eyesight range increases to that of a Byakugan without the effects of the blind spot due to all of his senses being magnified to a level that surpasses the most powerful sensor shinobi. He is able to see miniscule levels in breathing patterns, muscle fiber contraction and careful movements of the eyes in order to predict his opponent’s next move. His hearing is precise enough to hear someone blink their eyes from over two hundred meters away. The precision of control that Shuten Dōji has on his physical form are on levels that surpass even the most in tune shinobi. He also gains the ability to sense and see chakra on levels that exceeds Sage Mode users to its zenith. This effect of the Devil’s Brew lasts only for thirty minutes at a time and can cause non-intruding headaches. Although, more can be consumed in order to prolong the effects. This variation of the Devil’s Brew within Shuten Dōji’s contains the prevalent amounts of human along with his unique chakra and existential energy miraculously however, it comes with the taste of warm spice, honey and rich fruits. The color is a golden, reddish hue, the taste is comprised of silky smooth, revealing layers of sherry oak, boiled flesh, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. The scent of this brew is an intriguingly complex aroma. Sweet heather honey and vanilla fudge combined with rich dark fruits. Even though the taste and scent of the brew is glorious, it is fatal to all forms of life other than Shuten Dōji.

Divine Human Slayer Sake

Divine Human Slayer Sake (神便人毒酒, Shinbin-Hito-Dokushu) is a cursed batch of the Devil’s Brew crafted by Shuten Doji that has been fermenting for over three centuries. As with the Drinker’s Regret (上戸 三日酔い, Jougo Mikkayo) mixture, this batch is comprised of copious amounts of human flesh, centuries old sake, along with his unique forms of chakra and astral existential energy. Akin to the Drinker’s Regret, the gourd itself works as a container for the unique variation of the Devil’s Brew and it also doubles as a sealing gourd similar to the Benihisago and in turn incorporates the opponent’s chakra, life force, physical form and consciousness into the current brew assimilating them with the enigmatic sake. The opponent’s death is absolute as long as their physical form and consciousness are absorbed by the gourd. However, when absorbed by the gourd, the sake only incorporates their physical form along with their consciousness while simultaneously discarding their soul and spirit. For this drawback, Shuten Dōji gains the temporary use of the abilities and knowledge they pertained while they were alive. This includes, Hiden techniques, Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Mora, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, various transformations, their chakra and their life span gets added to Shuten Dōji. If the opponent’s chakra affinity was of an elemental nature, then it converts itself to the properties of either Yin Release or Yang Release.

The abilities absorbed only lasts for a total of ten minutes however, the life force and the chakra absorbed by the Divine Human Slayer Sake is permanent. While in the gourd, Shuten Dōji is able to access any of the abilities at his leisure and is able to use them for a duration shorter than the maximum fifteen minutes allowing him to use it more than once. With this in mind, due to the symbiotic nature of Shuten Dōji’s gourds, he is able to access the absorbed abilities instantly and remotely. This means that the gourds that Shuten Dōji have crafted from the flesh of humans and fellow oni acts as an extension to his body and he is able to establish contact with his gourds the same way we would be able to establish a connection with our own body parts. This is seen as a high level of telepathy. If an opponent should make contact with any of Shuten Dōji's Gourds, they shall be inflicted by his Chakra Virus, Dark Chakra and Asu's all corrupting existential energy. Due to all of the aforementioned debilitating effects, it would be wise for any entity to avoid fighting Shuten Dōji with taijutsu.

Consuming the Divine Human Slayer Sake also provides wonderful results for Shuten Dōji but is a nightmare for those who face him in battle with it. Shuten Dōji is able to use his variation of the Strange Transmission Distant Shadow technique in which the oni is capable of using over several dozen brew embodiments at a time and it can last for up to thirty-three minutes at a time. The entities that pour out from this brew possess the same abilities as the brew itself. Therefore, opponent's that attempt to fight the brew's enclosed souls are subjected to absorption as well. The embodiments are capable of using the same abilities as before, along with their original minds, fighting styles and characteristics.

This exquisite batch of brew contains extra exotic notes of ginger, fig, lime and banana and a vibrant spicy toffee warmth, elevating it from something great to something extraordinary. The scent is comprised of a hint rotting flesh, intense and vanilla sweet. Floral, hints of banana, figs, rich toffee, new leather and oak. The taste comprises of an initially soft, then brisk, vibrant and drying, peppery, a touch of smoke, oak, lime, ginger and spices.


Divine Oni Arts

An art infinitely strong and refreshing to the eye...

The Way of the Evil Path

Main article: The Way of the Evil Path The Way of the Evil Path techniques are crafted by the Sage of the Astral Plane for the soul purpose of corruption. The require not only a mastery of Dark Chakra (闇のチャクラ, Yami no Chakura) and Asu's own astral existential energies. These teachings consists physical and metaphysical modifications by transforming the user's body into weapons and corrupting the soul, spirit, body and mind of the opponent. They promote the act of violence and senseless killing and for those who utilize them, they must forego the path of righteousness for the sake of wickedness. The profound techniques within the Way of the Evil Path are considered a methodically demonic branch of techniques crafted by Asu Rashoujin. These techniques involve the physical and metaphysical transformation of the body in order to yield great results. Mentioning the word demon is the author's way of describing the visual associations with this technique as they fundamentally go against the grand design. These bodily modifications often use hardened black scales which has the basic properties of the Truth-Seeking Ball however, as an extension, they are able to negate jutsu from the entirety of the Physical Plane, as the techniques from The Way of the Evil Path stem from the Astral Plane of existence. Abilities such as creating impenetrable armor, all corrupting tendrils, physical enhancements or even wicked constructs are all capable achieving the powerful corrupting and the physical plane negating effects. As mighty as they are, the techniques are not without limits although to many, they are unsurpassable. The techniques themselves are more than just a physical or metaphysical representation of the concept of evil, they represent the natural evil that originated with the universe itself.

The Way of the Hunger Path


Mental Sagacity

Ever since he became the tyrant of the Land of Demons Shuten Dōji has become a highly perceptive and strategic dictator that uses the manipulation of the mind and the manipulation of the heart in order for him to maintain his position. If intelligence is the deadliest natural weapon of all, then Shuten Dōji is like a lion, the apex predator of the savannah. Yet, for all his bestial qualities, Shuten Dōji also possesses characteristics that are undeniably human. Shuten Dōji’s love of sadistic mind games is another characteristic that is distinctly human. Few animals torture their prey for the sheer joy of it, but this oni does so purely to while away his long days in exile from his former country of birth. He feeds on the pain of his victims, like a vampire. Shuten Dōji is also proud, though it seems that he has every right to be. Surrounded by powerful allies such as Hojo Senryo and Daiochan Tokisada and pestered by another Sargon High Council member who he considers a quack, Shuten Dōji holds himself above those around him. This pride is another human trait that separates him from a mere animal.

To pass his time, Shuten Dōji amuses himself by playing with people’s emotions, getting into their heads, and tormenting them. It is in this mental and emotional torture that he derives his pleasure. He takes great personal enjoyment in denying them their prey. The juxtaposition of wild animal and civil, rational human and oni being grants Shuten Dōji the depth and complexity that is matched by few other characters in literature. He is indefinable, transcending simplification and summation.The bestial oni and the highly intelligent, cultured human psyche have found symbiosis in Shuten Dōji’s form, like a modern-day Jekyll and Hyde. Shuten Dōji defies the quantification and reduction to simplistic definitions such as a psychopath or sociopath. When he discards the priestess Shukuyū's letter of non-violence before he takes over the Land of Demons, he tells her, “You can’t reduce me to a set of influences.” Shuten Dōji is not a merely a man or a divine oni; he is both these things, and more. His supremely gifted intellect sets him above his fellow man and oni alike. He is a force of nature, like a hurricane or a tsunami, and he puts to the question whether such a force is subject to man’s law. It is almost poetic that the oni, who perceives himself above man, Earth’s apex predator, hunts and eats man.



Main article: Jōgourami Jōgourami (上戸 恨みじょうごうらみ, Literally meaning: Regretting Drinker's Bad Habits) is undoubtedly the primary weapon of choice for the Purveyor of the Devil's Brew (悪魔醸造物の御用達アクマジョウつく.るモツゴもち.いるタツ, Akuma-Jō-Tsukuri-Motsu no Go-Mochiiru-Tatsu) and is also his most treasured personal possession. The creation of this gourd has it’s roots stemming from a combination of the legendary Kohaku no Jōhei and the revered Benihisago. When it was first crafted by the oni during his banishment from the Land of Demons, he and those whom witnessed it considered it a countenance of flawless craftsmanship. Shuten Dōji was continuously fond of the brewing arts ever since he was old enough to participate and even perceive in the making of it. He chose the path of drinking not only from a philosophical standpoint but he also chose it due to the untapped potential of creating it. Even though, he enjoyed the act of drinking profound mixtures of fruits, spices among other things, transporting batches during his travels proved to be an annoyance. Therefore, he put much thought into creating a flagon that could hold various amounts of his Divine Human Slayer Sake (神便人毒酒, Shinbin-Hito-Dokushu).

Shuten Douji Flagon

A mystical flagon forged from the impermeable scales of the sacred hydra.

The gourd is unique amongst other weapons is that it in fact shares Shuten Dōji's ambient chakra signature and even it’s own chakra pathway. As such, it can be deduced to saying that this weapon is indeed sentient in nature. The mystical gourd share Shuten Dōji's dark chakra, chakra and the abnormal kilter towards natural energy. In an unusual aspect, the gourd amplifies negative thoughts and evil intent into those near it and uses this negative energy to produce dark chakra. In the event to where it is incapable of producing dark chakra through negative intent or through chakra absorption, the gourd will process natural ambient energy into its negative counterpart which can be used to amplify Shuten Dōji's abilities. The dark chakra produced by the Jōgourami is comparable to the Zero-Tails. Therefore, even if Shuten Dōji expends his current supply of dark chakra, he can easily procure more from the gourd. The durability of the gourd is comparable to that of stronger organic substances. Much like the Kohaku no Jōhei, the Jōgourami is capable of a powerful suction that effects those other than Shuten Dōji by unwilling drawing them in to the divine sake within the flagon. Opponent’s can be drawn in to the infallible suction caused by the gourd by merely channeling Shuten Dōji's chakra into it. The method works against any form of obstacles regardless of their size however, the suctions process takes longer for larger opponent’s. Once the suction is started Shuten Dōji and render the process null by halting his chakra flow from within the gourd. During intense combat situations, the oni can use the gourd for more physical measures such as swinging it at an opponent or combining with his deadly arts. Within the gourd lies a somewhat flawless storage fūinjutsu that allows Shuten Dōji to store unrealistic amounts of his various brews into one storage container.

The Divine Mirror

Main article: The Divine Mirror The Divine Mirror functions as a sealing tool that rivals the Jade Amphora of Emotions and the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths and even Gaoh’s illustrious Heavenly Sovereign Tools. With that in mind, the use of the Divine Mirror requires an immense amount of chakra to wield as any shinobi who hasn’t been enhanced by some form of existential energy beyond the physical plane would be unable to wield it. As stated earlier, the mirror has the power to seal demons based upon Chinese folklore. To use this mirror, Asu simply has to attack an opponent with his corruptive chakra or rather any of his chakra based techniques. From here, the enemy is cursed to live a life with Asu’s corruptive chakra permeating through them. Then in order to seal the opponent, Asu simply has to have them look at their reflection or even reflect their chakra if the enemy is blind or if a technique is used against them.

Divine MirrorSeal

The reflection of unwonted pleasure. A creation of pure divinity.

Once the initial reflection is made, the opponent will lose control of their bodily, mental and spiritual functions and will be even unable to mold chakra or other forms of energy nor will other forms of energy will have no effect on them from outside the mirror other than the wielder. The opponent will be sealed into the mirror which also hosts a pocket dimension in where space-time jutsu have no effects therefore no known methods to escape unless by outside forces. The opponents are stuck in this astral dimension indefinitely and fortunately or rather unfortunately they do not age. Victims of this technique keep their physical form although it doesn’t do them any good. Time and Space does not exist in the astral realm of the divine mirror therefore; the natural body could experience detrimental effects due to not experiencing it or attempting to utilize it. Escaping from the mirror is virtually impossible as the victims are unable to mold any form of energy in this astral dimension. Shuten Dōji is able to use the mirror along with his dark chakra without any drawback whatsoever.

The mirror also works exceptionally well while in the physical realm as it is able to rebound techniques by dispersing the energy regardless of the form into both the physical plane and the astral plane of existence. Aside from chakra and energy based techniques, the mirror can go into a formless state which can shroud the user from any abstract concept to include altering the area around the user. The user is considered virtually unaffected by the environment and all aspects from the physical realm. During combat, Shuten Dōji can utilize the mirror as a all encompassing shield that mirrors any elemental attack against regardless of its nature transformation. Just as the Yata Mirror, the Divine Mirror is an mythological tool that exceeds the prowess of modern ninjutsu and even Eight Gates Released Formation or a taijutsu technique of similar power can crack the mirror. Against the Hachibushū, one of the more prominent members utilized a technique that resembles Tengai Shinsei in the hopes of taking out the oni along with him. As the other members escaped, the massive meteorite came crashing down at a dominating speed and even the oni himself was surprised. Once it was close enough, Shuten Dōji utilized the mirror to replicate the technique thereby materializing another meteor from Shuten Dōji's point cancelling both out. Under no circumstances should a technique of that caliber by dissipated by a mere mirror is what the oni thought and from that day, the Divine Mirror has played a crucial role during battle. Other than reflecting ninjutsu, the mirror works in a reverse fashion by releasing physical mirror images of those trapped within. The most formidable entity in this case is the Hydra. Shuten's Hydra is an entity of seemingly demonic aura the predates a vast majority of the shinobi world and even predates the oni himself.

Consummation of Human Flesh

Shuten Dōji’s consummation of human flesh matches that of gourmet chef. Unlike most devourers of man, Shuten Dōji only chooses to eat certain parts of an indivuals such as the internal organs or single limbs. While dining on human flesh, Shuten Dōji will often consume the blood of the unfortunate victim as well. As a connoisseur of human flesh, Shuten Dōji will often cook the meat with various spices, vegetables and sauces. His favorite dish involves the boiled intestine and anterior deltoids of a human along with chopped ginger, chopped green onion, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, white vinegar and corn starch. In some cases, Shuten Dōji, will also boil the flesh within his Devil’s Brew which also allows him to use the DNA of the said individual within his brew which allows him to utilize a powerful version of the Strange Transmission Distant Shadow technique. He is able to force his Evil Intent onto to others effectively mind controlling them through intense fear and forcing them to commit self-cannibalism whether by consuming parts of their flesh or even cutting off their flesh to feed others. The highly impressionable force emitted by Shuten Dōji causes the irreversible notion of self-cannibalism to be embedded into their genetic code. At first, the opponent will find that their body will slowly start to eat away at itself and then an uncontrollable desire to feast upon one's self will consume them. No pun intended. This ability makes Shuten Dōji the most frightening leader in the shinobi world as those that attempt to combat against him are prone to consuming their own flesh. The flesh of man is considered a delicacy and before he selects the indivuals he wishes to consume, he must make sure that their vital organs are undamaged and that their primary external organ (skin) is undamaged as well in certain areas. No one likes their food damaged having to deal with broken bone fragments lodged within the red meat. For Shuten Dōji, the flesh and meat of humans is no different than veal or steak. It can be consumed in a variety of cooking methods but he always makes sure that the flesh of the human is properly marinated within his Devil's Brew.



"Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. However, I am an individual that is able to alter my future, my destiny and is able to change me past or present as I see fit. It's being here now that's important. Time is a very misleading thing. For individuals like you, you can gain experience from the past, but you can't relive it; and you can hope for the future, but you don't know if there is one."
— Shuten Doji explaining time

"You see, until then I'd been driven. I'd had a true quest, a purpose beyond my function - and then suddenly, the quest was over. I felt...completely drained. Disappointed. Let down. Does that make sense? I had been sure that as soon as I had everything back I'd feel good. But inside I felt worse than when I stared. Now that I have returned to the Land of Demons, I will flip the nation asunder with my authoritarian might. I am fear, I am the Anti-Life, I am the Dark at the end of everything."
— Shuten Dōji upon his return

"All the demons of Hell formerly reigned as gods in previous cultures. No it's not fair, but one man's god is another man's devil. As each subsequent civilization became a dominant power, among its first acts was to depose and demonize whoever the previous culture had worshipped. In my eyes, you, too, if not an infidel, are an idolater. I conceive that you ignorantly worship: in all things you appear to me too superstitious."
— Shuten Dōji conversing with his chancellor


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