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Siege of the Leaf

The War of Ragnarok






Suzaku Hyuga

Order of the Apocalypse

Forces Involved
  • Rudogā
  • Several Tanks and Footsoldiers
  • Various minor injuries and exiled from the village, forcing them to take shelter
  • Several men defeated

The Siege of the Leaf was a massive battle that was fought between Konohagakure and the Order of the Apocalypse. Konoha, led by their Kage, Suzaku Hyuga, defended the village from the ground forces of the Order, led by Kenji Hyuga. The battle ended with a huge defeat for Konohagakure, and brought significant trouble to its villagers. Suzaku, Tsunade, Otonami and a few others are able to escape being captured and imprisoned. They took up base in the Lost Lands till Seireitou brought them to the Other World....

The Siege was later defeated by the battle, the Liberation of Konohagakure.

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