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Single Storm Seal: Thunderbolt





Tanitsu Arashi Fūin: Rakurai

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Single Storm Seal: Thunderbolt


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Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu







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After a single storm seal has been placed on the target the user utilizes their own chakra to polarize the seal creating a perfect target for natural lightning. If performed during a stormy time this technique requires almost no chakra, unfortunately that may not be the case. If their isn't a storm, or even a cloud, it is necessary for the user to polarize the tag to a much greater extent until natural electricity takes notice of the seal and strikes it. The clearer the sky is the more chakra it requires to perform the technique. Over polarizing the seal is dangerous and could begin to effect chakra based lightning techniques. Masters of this technique have demonstrated that this technique can be activated very quickly, even on the clearest of days.

It should be noted that while this technique is similar to other techniques that utilize natural lightning, such as Kirin, it has many notable differences. While the lightning of this technique strikes at the same speed as Kirin, it cannot be aimed, it must strike the polarized Storm Seal. Since the technique strikes at the speed of lightning and it is constantly being drawn to a particular target, if a Storm Seal is placed of an opponent it would be nearly impossible to dodge it out in the open. Since it utilizes the Storm Seal, it is considered forbidden as well.

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