Thnaruto 4tail chakra cannon

"You receive a Tailed Beast Ball to the Head.".

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Cyber Shredder

Reposirc Bonz is a mysterious ninja from the even more mysterious Village Hidden in the Darkness. He prefers to be called Cris, as he likes his name backwards. He comes from the Bonz Clan a powerful group of ninja who all possesses Artificial Tailed-Beasts. His clan also possesses the legendary Soul Piercer.


Sirc alwarys weres a cloak, this at first was due to an injury from that demon implantation however it healed. But he felt the cloak fitting. He always has a small cloaked "figure" next to him. Under the cloak he is very thin but still around the size Naruto. He has brown hair and green eyes. However when he powers up do to his bijuu, he gains armor and becomes like the Shredder from TMNT.


His clan does not deal with chakra but rather its predacessor, magic. His abilities associate with manipulating magic and its mysterious effects. He also appears to have access to his inner bujuu's powers, his inner bijuu is a Five-Tailed Rat/  


His clan is immortal and if their original bodies are destroyed, they become a ghost form that searches for a place to incubate in and then turns into a copy of his fourteen year old form, in tern reviving his original conscience. This ability can only work if they are destroyed or deceased, not if they are really weak.  

Magic or Mystic Manipulation 

His powers allows him to do a number of things ranging from magical bolts to animation. He can can use his powers to simulate telekinesis, teleport, or open up interdimensional vortexes. He also have mouths on his hands which he can use for two things. One is he can devour raw materials or small objects and infuse them with his mystical energies or craft raw materials into useful tools. Two is he can launch mystical beams from his hands.


He can animate the various objects his hands spit out, or he can animate his drawings.


His major weakness is close combat, unless he feeds off his own mystic powers. When he does this the inner bijuu takes full control, he then turns into a miniature versin of the Five-Tailed Blue Rat. But even this ability causes great distress for him, so after short exposure to this power he must rest. This in tern leaving him vunerable.


  • He or one of his clones is an Akatsuki member, or at least have ties to them.

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