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This article, Sonic Blade, is property of Rasengan888.

A weapon that is cherished by Otonami Sokudo. This weapon is only for his speed to kill people and such. This weapon has a big circle that's the size of his hand, and connected in the circumference of the circle was a blade that was pointy and sharp as a sword. Using his incredible speed, Otonami can use many moves with this technique. This weapon also has a special metal in which it can detect of which one's a clone or not. This metal is really rare to find. Also, this weapon may connect to Lightning Blade, making Sonic Blade: Lightning Blade.

Moves that can be Used for Sonic Blade

Sonic Blade Combos

  1. Sonic Blade Combo
  2. Sonic Blade Combo: Blazing Lightning
  3. Sonic Blade Combo: Fierce Wind
  4. Sonic Blade Combo: Scorching Fire (assistance of Star Crystals)

Sonic Wave

  1. Sonic Wave: Incredible Cut
  2. Sonic Wave: Lightning Diminish
  3. Sonic Wave: Tearing Tornado
  4. Sonic Wave: Atomic Explosive (assistance of Star Crystals)

Pentagon Trap

  1. Pentagon Trap: Sonic Blade

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