This article, Sonic Wave: Tearing Tornado, is property of Rasengan888.

  • Name: Sonic Wave: Tearing Tornado
  • Type: S-Rank, Offensive
  • User: Otonami Sokudo
  • Hand Seal: Dragon, Monkey, Hare

After the necessary hand seals, Otonami lights up with 5 feet of wind chakra with his Sonic Blades. The user then rotates his Sonic Blades and he goes through the opponent at blinding speed, (breaking the sound barrier) after the opponent gets hit. He may fly (depending on Otonami's choice) away at great distance from the wind at your direction. Then (although it might not be visible because he's far away), the opponent gets torn away from violent tornadoes made from the jutsu. This jutsu can only be used once.

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