The Sons of the Shadows are a group of nomadic mercanaries consisting of three Clans. The uniform for the Sons of the Shadows is simple black cloaks. Most however wear their own clothing, although they do keep it black. They function more or less the same way as a Hidden Village, the one key differance being that the leaders are often assassinated. When young shinobi become genin they are tattooed with the Kanji for Darkness. For the first year genin only do border patrols. Once their jonin beleives they are ready he/she teaches his/her squad Genjutsu: Infinite Darkness Jutsu. After word they begin getting assassination contracts. Once the genin qualify for the Chunin Exams they are taught the Shadow Assembly Jutsu.


Usually before beginning a contract the group sent would utter this prayer

My honored Bretheren, We come together, To unite as one, Against those that are damned, We Show no mercy, For we have none.


The Sons of the Shadows were founded by the Ruki and Mar Clans. The two clans had been fighting with each other for many years. After one particularly bloody battle the two clans decided to stop fighting. The SotS was founded to be a lasting treaty between the two. The Dail Clan soon joined them as the medical specialists.

Ruki Clan

The Ruki are the long range specialist of the SotS. For more info on them visit their page.

Mar Clan

The Mar are the main tracker and CQB ninja of the SotS. For more info on them visit their page.

Dail Clan

The Dail are the main medical ninja of the SotS. For more info on them visit their page.


Officialy the Sons of the Shadows are lead by the three leaders of the clans, with the Ruki on top. Unofficialy they are actually lead by a mysterious figure known only as The Shadow. It is unkown what clan The Shadow is from. The currant leaders of the three clans even question his existance. It is also unknown why The Shadow allows the three clans to decide for them selves whether or not he/she exists instead of just leading the group him/herself. It is however clear that whoever The Shadow is he/she must be extremely powerful to keep the Ruki, Mar, and Dail Clans under control.

Clan Leaders

Group Jutsu


  • The prayer was inspired by Devil May Cry 4

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