Sound Barrier
Kanji 音响障壁
Rōmaji Oni Shōheki
Literal English Sound Barrier
  • Hiden
Rank No-rank
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Class Defensive, Supplementary
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Hand seals Horse-Monkey-Hare
This technique allows Yasuraka to create a thin, dark barrier that can either block, trap, or redirect sound. In which she mostly uses this technique in combination with her brother's concentrated sound techniques, which one of the reasons they mostly stay near each other. When they combined there sound manipulation abilities, they can serve a deadly collaboration and can overcome many obstacles. For example, if Shitsunen preforms his Concentrated Sonic Wave and his misses his target(s), Yasuraka is able to create a barrier to reflect the sonic blast toward her target(s). By blocking sound inside the barrier, the opponent will completely loose their sense of hearing, making it difficult for them to battle. Lastly, by trapping sound in the barrier, she can cause the sound to bounce back an forth around in the dome. By using a loud technique such as Concentrated Sonic Wave to bounce continue-sly, it can damage the opponents ears, even causing the target to become deaf for short to long periods of time. This technique has no limit on how large the barrier can be, only how much chakra they are willing to put into this technique. Yasuraka can use almost all her chakra to create a barrier more than half the size of Konohagakure. Though its a barrier, it can only block, trap, and redirect sound, anything is allowed to enter and exit the barrier at anytime.