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Spirit Beast
The Spirit Beast
Age Thousands of Years Old
Height 5 ft to the shoulders
Weight 300 lbs
Summoner Zukia Tojiro, Gensho
Blood type  ?
Gender Spirit
Current Location Kagegakure
Village of Origin Kagegakure
Occupation Sealed behind a Gate
Rank S-rank
Chakra Nature All
Kekkai Genkai (s) none
Affiliation (s) Kagekenin, Zukia Tojiro, Kagegakure
Blood Contracts none

The Nine Bijuu Zukia Tojiro


The Spirit Beast was Zukia Tojiro's first creation and his most powerful. From it's power he created the other nine Tailed Beasts. When Zukia founded Kagegakure, the Spirit Beast rebelled by using it's power to scatter the other Tailed Beasts. It then fled to Yamigakure. It is discovered by a Yamigakure ninja who controls it and they attack Zukia. Zukia is weakened by this and uses his last bit of chakra to seal the beast in a deep cave under Kagegakure. Zukia then split the Spirit Beast's soul into five fragments, sealed them into shrines around the ninja world and then made the cavern cave in. It is said only a descendant of the ninja that challenged Zukia, can awaken the Spirit Beast and control it again.

Naruto: Trials of a Shinobi

Kagekenin arc

Gensho finally re-awakens the Spirit Beast and attacks Konohagakure. However, Konoha had allies in the Land of Mountains and so Yamagakure 2 came to the rescue. Ryun Uchiha battles the Spirit Beast, but to no avail. Finally in a last ditch effort the Second Yamakage, Gokuto Tsurugi uses Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal combined with Four Symbols Seal and Eight Trigrams Sealing Style to seal the Beast within Ryun's son, Luke Uchiha.


  • Absorb any evil soul thus increasing it's power.
  • Control anyone with any trace of evil or malice in their hearts.
  • Absorb the Tailed Beasts.


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