Squark is the bird partner of Shujitori Kuramitsu.


Ever since he was an egg, Squark was partnered to the heir of the Kuramitsu clan, Shujitori. Throughout their childhood, they shared many adventures, and became close, like brothers. This may be because Squark displays an unusual level of intelligence for a bird, rivaling that of chimpanzees, even dolphins.

When Shujitori left Yamagakure, Squark followed, naturally. When they arrived in Konohagakure, Squark was relieved to finally be able to sleep without worry of a predator sneaking up on him in his sleep.

He is aquaintances with all of Shuji's friends, however he seems to have taken a particular liking to Hanabi Hyuga due to her being so kind to him, and Temari, since apparently her hairstlye reminds him of Jwilla, Shuji's cousin's peacock. This is unusual since Temari ans Shuji aren't even really friends, and in fact Temari teases Shuji about having a bird fetish(which he doesn't). Nevertheless, Squark likes her.

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