Static Flame
Appears in Manga

Static Flame is a special Kekki Genkai, which allows the user to naturally mix Lightning and Fire elements to create, Plasire.

This Kekki Genkai was made by an unknown and ancient clan, Plasire, is blue coloured, but has a thin white line surronding its flames

When used, it will paralyze and burn the target at the same time, also, those blessed with this Kekki Genkai gain, the ability to 'boost'.

Boosting, is were the User places all the energy into one specific point, then it explodes, allowing the user to move at incredible speeds, faster then

The 8 Gates opening. However, it is called boost for a reason, as in battle, the user, if to be succesful, must use it in short bursts, which allow him/her to get behind the opponent.

The user also exceels at using Fire and Lightning Jutsu's..