Storm Release: Cascade Bombing
Kanji 嵐遁: 小滝爆撃
Literal English Storm Release: Cascading Bombing
Classification Ninjutsu, Hiden
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Hand seals Tiger → Ox → Ram

Gathering a powerful jolt of light at his palm, Darui will thrust it forward sending a ray of light at his target. When hitting a target, the technique will "mark" the target will a ray of light that surronds them and shoots to a person Darui targets next. When it targets all he wishes, he will form the ram hand seal and call out the command "Furasshu" (Flash). Whoever is engulfed by the rays will be engulfed in an explosion of light-atributed chakra. The technique is easy to dodge as the target must be kept still in order for the technique to explode on them.

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