This jutsu is Plan B from the strategy mode. The previous plan was Strategy: Taijutsu Combo. If the last plan failed, then this plan can be used. The user of this technique does Fire Release: Fireball Technique at the opponent. You then use Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu to divert the opponent to another distraction at the same time when the opponent is dodging the fire, wrap around metal strings around the arena so that the opponent won't get out. When the opponent's done dodging, there should still be flames on the ground, use Fire Style: Misty Flames Dance to manipulate the fire around the opponent. The opponent should still dodge it and the user tries to divert the opponent in the middle. When the opponent's around the middle, you wrap around the strings and tie the opponent. You hold one string to your mouth and use Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb to cover all the strings with flames. Drawing out two Kunais, the user uses Wind Release: Verdant Mountain's Violent Wind to make the flames huger and faster to the opponent. The opponent will disintegrate from the flames and using the kunai for Wind Release: Verdant Mountain's Violent Wind, wrap around a Explosive Tag and throw it at your opponent. The opponent will explode an die. This strategy move takes up most of your chakra. If somehow this plan doesn't work, use Strategy: Genjutsu Diversion.

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