Suchiruu Ikari (lit. Meaning "Steel Anger") is an agent of Akatsuki, possessing the skills of a full member, but being unable to join until a member is killed. His Kekkei Genkai is Naihunomae, the "blade presence". It is a rare Kekkei Genkai, found not once in the history of the Ikari clan in the past four hundred years. This Kekkei Genkai is nearly unique in that it cannot always be controlled by the user. When the user needs it it is always used, but sometimes the user cannot suppress it. Suchiruu has mastered it, however, and this no longer presents a problem to him. The abilities of this Kekkei Genkai allow Suchiruu to give his chakra the qualities of steel. It will slice those it came into contact with, and bar passage if it is thick. He can use this to surround him and make his taijutsu incredibly deadly and unstoppable, and infuse it into a number of his jutsu. He also has access to a number of the clan's secret jutsu, which were useless to all the others in his clan, since only he possesses the Kekkei Genkai.


Suchiruu is an extremely powerful ninja, having defeated the elders of his clan even before learning the secret jutsu. He has developed several original techniques as well.

Blade Dragon



Ranryoku Raikiri

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