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Suiginkazanjutsu, the kekkei genkai of the Shachihoko clan of the Mist, allows the user to manipulate mercury in various ways, but requires use of a specially-crafted weapon that Shachihoko clan members are usually given as part of a coming-of-age ritual. Unlike other kekkei genkai, Suiginkazanjutsu is divided into multiple techniques; Suiginkazanjutsu: Flying Dragon God (水銀火斬術・飛竜神 Suiginkazanjutsu: Hiryushin) fires a concentrated pinwheel-shaped shuriken of liquid mercury from the tip of the user's blade, while Suiginkazanjutsu: Fall as Flowers Do (水銀火斬術・散華, Suiginkazanjutsu: Sange) attacks the opponent with multiple long needles composed of compressed liquid mercury. Suiginkazanjutsu: Five-form Head (水銀火斬術・五形頭, Suiginkazanjutsu: Gegetsuburi) uses a chain of liquid mercury to bind or attack the foe, and Suiginkazanjutsu: Purify the Flesh (水銀火斬術・肉雫唼, Suiginkazanjutsu: Minazuki) injects mercury into the target's bloodstream after a cut with the sword is made, poisoning them and staggering their movements.

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