• Name: Summoning: Water (降霊召符・水, Koureishoufu: Mizu)
  • Type: A-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, All ranges
  • User(s): Sheena Fujibayashi
  • Hand Seals: Half Tiger with Sylvarant Seal Card of Water between the index and middle fingers

The user summons the Summon Spirit Undine to battle. Undine rules the water element, so she can unleash a variety of water style physical attacks, as well as bring forth water from a location.


  1. Mithos Yggdrasill
    1. For the regermination of the Great Seed to restore mana to the world
    2. Vow was broken when Mithos took the Great Seed to Dherris-Kharlan
  2. Sheena Fujibayashi (Current)
    1. To protect Sylvarant and Tethe'alla from being destroyed
    2. Vow was broken when Sylvarant and Tethe'alla were united into Aselia
    3. Undine decided to stay with Sheena

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