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the Mizuyen Spirit Dragon is said to be created from the spirits of Mizuyen clan members and can only be summoned by a true Mizuyen clan member. When this dragon is summoned ,it creates the illusion that the world has aged 9999999.999 thrillion years . (simular to tsukuyomi) ,time ,space and all physical mass can be controled by the Mizuyen Dragon. The Summoning of this dragon requires almost 89.9% of the users charkra ,granting them the stregth ,power and knowledge of every clan member that has past away ,but to be able to fully control theses powers ,the user must be at least 200 years of age (otherwise resulting in speeding of aging and death 7 days later) .:*should only be used as a last resort*:. 26169-bigthumbnail

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