This article, Summoning Jutsu: Great White Dragon, is property of Cold hard steel.

Name:Summoning Jutsu: Great White Dragon

Type: Ninjustu

Rank: S-rank

Range: n/a


Users:Suzana Ryu

Description: This jutsu summons the great, hundreds of meters long, a few stories tall dragon that resides in the great spring in the base of the trunk of the tree that the base of the eighth force is built on and around. It is extremely knowledgeable in thge ways of all justu, and can heal the summoner slightly when the summoner is in physical contact with the dragon's head(which is where the summoner is supposed to ride him). But, even though the dragon is an extremely powerful ally, he only makes one contract at a time, seeing as he has ponderings to think of and prophecies to make. He appears holding four spheres, each holding an element, that can suck up any attack of the corresponding element, or do a random jutsu of that element. Also, he obviously has breath of fire and claws of steel, so he's not useless in the close combat department.

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