Summoning Technique: Goddess of the White Moon

A powerful and forbbiden Summoning Technique that Yakujō found and mastered via a scroll found on a mission. When a human comes in contact with the scroll, one with powerful chakra can release the seal on it. Yakujō's relationship with the Goddess of the White Moon is estranged and the two often quarrel. The Goddess of the White Moon, will however help Yakujō out because if Yakujō dies, she can no longer summon her.

The Goddess of the White Moon, or Shirotsuki no Megami is a Kitsune-Human hybrid with long white hair and quite an eccentric outfit. She wears a purple and white kimono, with a long fur accessory that wraps around her shoulders and usually sits in her lap. On her head, is the moon seal that is also present of the Tsukiyomi Seal.

Henge Summoning

Goddess of the White Moon


  • Shirotou no Mai (lit. Dance of the White Sword)- Grasping the katana on her waist, Shirotsuki no Megami will quickly dash past the target. She will appear behind them and re-sheath her sword. After it is sheath, the damage is visible and multiple cuts open on the target. This technique reveals the fast and powerful killing intent she has.
  • Megami no Yuriyoru (lit. Goddess of the Snowy Night)- Forming a tiger hand seal, the area around her will grow dark creating a bubble of black chakr around her and the target. Inside, she is the only one who can see. With a quick step, she will stab into her target with her katana.

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