This article, Super Rasengan, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Super Rasengan
Super Rasengan
Kanji 超螺旋丸
Rōmaji Chō Rasengan
Literal English Super Spiral Sphere
Viz manga Super Rasengan
English TV Humongous Rasengan
Appears in Manga
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short-range
Other jutsu
Parent jutsu
Derived jutsu
Related jutsu
Ōdama Rasengan

This Rasengan is Koga's favorite move. In his regular form, it is only slightly larger than an Ōdama Rasengan, however, he usually only uses it in his jinchūriki forms where it can be several times larger than himself. He wanted to mimic the Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasengan, though not having Sage chakra, Koga found a way around this by infusing his Rasengan with Nine-Tails chakra to make his Rasengan of similar size to the said jutsu.

Because this jutsu can vary in size, the chakra required to use it also depends on what size he creates it upon use. This jutsu has been shown to charge fairly quickly, possibly because of the Nine-Tails chakra, possibly because of Koga's chakra control, or both.

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