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Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords
Super Vibrating Lightning Release Swords
Kanji 超ビブラート雷遁刀
Rōmaji Chō Biburāto Raitontō
Literal English Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords
English TV Super Vibrato Lightning Blades
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game, Movie

Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords is the term used to refer to the distinctive swords utilised by Killer B, as part of his somewhat unorthodox fighting style. The characteristic shape of each sword not only makes them ideal for cutting, using either edge of the blade, but also means they can be thrown with great accuracy.

The swords seemingly get their name due to the fact that B often channels his lightning-natured chakra into their blade, increasing its vibrating frequency and hence its piercing and cutting power, to an extent that exceeds those of standard wind release.

Isagiyo instead of using the lightning release, using wind release. Because of his natural affinity to wind, he is on par with those who use lightning as a medium.