Susugakure (The Village Hidden In Soot, or Hidden Soot Village) is a relatively small village which resides on the edge of the Land of Fire's borders, near the Land of Wind. It was destroyed by Sound ninja, however, and was transformed into Kiaigakure by Orochimaru to serve as a second base for Otogakure. It was then abandoned and turned into Zonbigakure by Kinan. Susugakure is a largely unknown village.


Susugakure was formed 30 years before the start of the series. The first Susukage established the village as a refuge for him and his clan. He died of lung cancer 4 years later, however. The second Susukage took care of the village for 16 years, before getting killed by his older brother, who then took up the role of the third Susukage. He was quickly kicked out of office and sentenced to death, however. The fourth Susukage, a woman by the name of Amelia Kazan, the aunt of Ryuu Kazan, took care of the village since, before getting killed by Keiru Makaze, an Otogakure ninja, in an Otogakure attack on the village.

Notable Locations

Volcano Ring

Susugakure is surrounded by 6 volcanoes, all of which are still active. The second Susukage turned the volcanoes into factories and armories, with the workers using protective jutsu that they developed to protect themselves from the lava and heat. The Volcanic Edge, one of the Feudal Blades, was hidden underneath one of the volcanoes in the volcano ring.

Vulcan's Tears

Vulcan's Tears is a "lavafall" in the center of Susugakure. There is a large, rock pillar in the center of Susugakure, which has four openings near it's top, which lava pours out of. There is a basin surrounding the pillar, which empties back into the pillar so that the pillar never runs out of lava. It is called Vulcan's Tears because Hephaestus, the god of fire and volcanoes in Greek mythology, is Vulcan in Roman mythology. Thus, "Vulcan's Tears" refers to a fall of lava.

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