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"I know your kind. You think you can waltz in and just take our planet. But you forgot one thing, I'm my father's son!"
The Defeat of Ryoku

Suzaku, older
Highest Rank (Future arc) 2nd Sekennousama (Age 21)
Highest Rank (After Training) Kage (Age 20)
Highest Rank (Delta Omega) Chunin (Power of Sannin)
Age 12 (Late Delta Omega, 15) (After Training with Seireitou, 20)
Height 4 ft, 9 inch
Weight 102 pounds
Gender Male
Race Han-Hanyou (Quarter Demon)
Village of Origin Konohagakure
Nature Manipulation Types Fire, Wind, Earth, Water
Kekkai Genkai Byakugan, Mokuton, Kyuubi no Yoko
Affilitations Konohagakure, Hyuga Clan
Family Hyuga Clan, Seireitou Hyuga (father), Tsunade Hyuga (mother), Haizo Hyuga (Uncle), Tsuneide Uchiha (Aunt), Kokuangyo Hyuga (Wife)
Titles "Child of the Hero", "Eighth Lord Hokage"
Teachers Tsuneide Uchiha

Suzaku Hyuga is a Genin of the Leaf Village and the Son of Seireitou Hyuga and Tsunade Hyuga. He is first introduced as a 12 year old (Now 21), who is famous around the village because his father saved the village and the Universe from destruction, call the "Child of the hero" by the villagers. He is on a Genin team with Takumi Hyuga, and Shiori Yamanaka, led by Tsuneide Uchiha.

For Naruto Omega Beta Suzaku, go to Future Suzaku for more info.


Annon (平和, Annon Lit. Peace), a mysterious, masked revolutionary dressed in a Hollow-shaped helmet and black/scarlet cloak which is Suzaku's "alter ego", after his father's death. Seireitou leaves his duty as guardian of earth to Suzaku, to enforce the Peace Requiem. In this guise, he forms The Order of the Yasuragindou, initially composed of the members of Ashiki, Taisinkoha and select Guardians.



After Suzaku defeats Ryoku, he is given Hakunagi by his mother. He only went as far as Shikai and Bankai with the Shadow Blade. When Seireitou is revived and he trains Suzaku, Suzaku is able to materialize his own KyuubiTaishou, and it becomes his main weapon. It is unknown what happens to Hakunagi


Naruto Delta Omega

Anime boy

Suzaku at Age 12

Chunin Exams

Suzaku and his team take place i the Yamagakure Chunin Exams. He is the only one of his team who passes the exam and becomes a Chunin.

Passing on the Title

Several years have passed and Suzaku has become the 2nd Sekennousama, after seireitou passes it on to him

Getting Married

Suzaku confronts Kokuangyo Tengu, which he begins to fall in love with instead of fighting her. After lunch and a sunset, Suzaku proposes and they are scheduled for their wedding after the Shinobi World Tournament.


  • "I know your kind. You think you can waltz in and just take our planet. But you forgot one thing, I'm my father's son!"
  • "I said before i could never forgive you!"
  • "Is that all you have?"
  • "My dad was the best!"